A guide for exporting sales navigator leads

How to Export LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads: A Step-by-Step Guide

As a savvy digital marketer or sales professional, you know the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting and lead generation. But what if you…

As a savvy digital marketer or sales professional, you know the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting and lead generation. But what if you want to export LinkedIn Sales Navigator leads for further nurturing or integration with your CRM? That’s where the challenge lies – LinkedIn’s native export options are pretty limited.

Don’t worry, as in this guide, we’ll explore the top methods to export your LinkedIn Sales Navigator leads, complete with a detailed tutorial for one of the most popular tools. Let’s dive in!

Key takeaways 😎

1. LinkedIn’s native export options are limited, making third-party tools necessary for bulk lead extraction.
2. Popular Chrome extensions like Evaboot, Findymail, and Prospeo offer convenient lead export from Sales Navigator.
3. Automation tools like PhantomBuster enable more complex lead extraction workflows.
4. Setup and usage of these tools require caution due to LinkedIn’s policies on data scraping.
5. Integrating exported leads with CRMs and enrichment tools can enhance lead data quality.

Why Natively Exporting LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads Isn’t an Option

LinkedIn’s terms of service restrict the bulk export of lead data from its platform. While you can manually export connections one by one or use the basic CSV export for search results, these methods are time-consuming and impractical for larger lead volumes.

That’s why many marketing and sales teams turn to third-party tools or workarounds to streamline the lead export process from Sales Navigator. These tools automate the data extraction, saving you countless hours of manual work.

Top Methods to Export Sales Navigator Leads

When it comes to exporting LinkedIn leads, two main approaches emerge: Chrome extensions and automation tools. Let’s explore each option.

Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions offer a user-friendly way to extract lead data directly from your browser as you browse LinkedIn. These extensions generally work by parsing the LinkedIn profile data visible in your browser, making the export process straightforward. However, their capabilities may vary in terms of data fields extracted and email finding accuracy.

Here are some popular choices:



This nifty extension allows you to export LinkedIn profile data, including emails (when available), with just a few clicks. Evaboot’s free plan offers limited exports, while paid plans start at $29/month for more features.



As the name suggests, Findymail specializes in finding email addresses associated with LinkedIn profiles. Pricing starts at $49/month for the basic plan.



Prospeo is a comprehensive lead generation tool that integrates with LinkedIn, offering features like email finding, lead enrichment, and CRM sync. This tool has a free plan with certain limitations, with paid plans starting from $39/month.

Automation Tools

For more advanced lead extraction needs, automation tools like PhantomBuster offer robust workflows and customization options. PhantomBuster’s LinkedIn automation suite includes various “phantoms” (pre-built automations) for tasks like profile scraping, lead generation, and network booster.

While automation tools often require more technical setup and configuration, they can handle complex extraction scenarios and integrate with other platforms for seamless lead processing.

Export Sales Navigator Leads with Prospeo

For this tutorial, let’s focus on Prospeo, a Chrome extension for LinkedIn lead export. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Install the Prospeo Chrome extension.
  2. Open LinkedIn Sales Navigator and refresh the page to activate the extension.
  3. Search for leads using the desired filters.
  4. Click on “Export with Prospeo”, which will lead you to the export screen.
  5. Name the lead list, and start the export process by clicking the “Export” button.
  6. Prospeo will automatically scrape the lead data from the visible profiles.
  7. Click on the “Download” button, where you can export emails with certain statuses and data points of choice in .csv or .xls formats.

Additional Considerations and Best Practices

While lead export tools can be incredibly useful, it’s essential to approach them responsibly and ethically. Here are some additional considerations and best practices:

  • Data enrichment: Exported LinkedIn lead data often lacks crucial details like email addresses or phone numbers. Integrating your exported leads with data enrichment tools or platforms like Hunter can help fill in these gaps, boosting your outreach effectiveness.
  • Data usage: Always ensure you’re using extracted lead data ethically and compliantly. Respect individuals’ privacy preferences, and never misuse or abuse the data for spam or unsolicited marketing. Consult your legal team or data protection experts if unsure.
  • Pricing: While some lead export tools offer free plans or trials, be prepared to invest in paid plans or subscriptions for more robust features and higher export limits. Evaluate your needs and budget accordingly.

Frequently asked questions about exporting Sales Navigator leads

Are these methods endorsed by LinkedIn?

No, LinkedIn’s terms of service prohibit automated data scraping and bulk exports. While many marketers and sales professionals use these tools, it’s important to exercise caution and avoid excessive or abusive usage that could risk account suspensions or legal issues.

Can I export email addresses this way?

The ability to export email addresses from LinkedIn varies across different tools. Some extensions and automation tools attempt to find associated email addresses, but their accuracy can be hit or miss. For more reliable email finding, consider integrating with dedicated email enrichment tools or services.

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