How To Add Pronouns to LinkedIn [2023 UPDATE]

how to add pronouns to linkedin

As our society becomes more aware and inclusive, it’s important to reflect this in our professional interactions. One way to do this is to add your pronouns to your LinkedIn profile. This simple act can foster more respectful and inclusive interactions, making everyone feel seen and acknowledged.

In 2023 this feature was removed from LinkedIn for undisclosed reasons. User can no longer add it to their profile.

Quick Answer 😎

LinkedIn has removed this option, so you can no longer add pronouns to your profile.

Why has LinkedIn removed pronouns?

It is unclear why LinkedIn removed this option, but it was probably to avoid discrimination and shift the focus away from gender. There haven’t been any official statements so far, but when we take a look at the help article on gender pronouns, the steps have been completely removed.

Will LinkedIn bring back this feature?

It is unknown whether LinkedIn will bring back the pronouns feature. The reactions are mixed after the removal of the feature. Some say it affects the way they can represent themselves, while others claim gender representation doesn’t play a role in this business network.

Since there aren’t any official statements from LinkedIn, we don’t know if the feature is coming back. If you’d still like to include pronouns in your profile, you can do it in your profile summary.

Also, you can modify your profile URL and include the pronouns if you want to use it regardless. It’s not as optimal as it was when there was such a feature, but this way you can still use it.

How was it added before removal?

Prior to the removal of this feature, the user could add it by editing his profile. Once the “edit profile” section, there was a dropdown option to choose yours. There isn’t such an option anymore, it was simply removed from that section.

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