How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator For Free

How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator For FREE [2024]

For those interested in trying it out, the article provides information on how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for free and how to maximize its…

For those interested in trying it out, the article provides information on how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for free and how to maximize its free trial. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a leading sales tool designed to help businesses use LinkedIn’s extensive network to generate and nurture leads.

It leverages the information available on LinkedIn to provide insights that are not available in LinkedIn’s free version. Designed especially for sales professionals, the tool offers advanced search filters that allow salespeople to more effectively target their ideal customers.

Quick Answer 😁

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a popular application mainly because of the large customer base that LinkedIn has. Relevant customer data and insights available on the platform make it easy to generate a potential list of prospects. It has a trial plan so you can use it for free.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

To use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you must first set up an account. The setup process is simple and straightforward. All you need is a LinkedIn account and you can sign up for Sales Navigator.

There is a one-month trial for new users. After that, you have to pay for a plan according to your preference. There is also an option to customize the plan according to your business needs.

As you can tell from the image below, the “Advanced Plus” plan doesn’t have a free trial. Instead, you must request a demo from the LinkedIn team.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is packed with a wealth of features designed specifically for sales professionals that make it one of the top social selling tools. Some notable features include Advanced Lead and Company Search, Real-Time Sales Updates, Custom Lists, and CRM Integration to name a few.

There are other functionalities like Lead Builder and InMail that can be of immense help in your sales efforts.

Making efficient use of InMails and knowing when to connect and engage with prospects is another important factor. Customizing your outreach, nurturing your leads, and keeping track of the companies on your radar are other aspects of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator efficiently.

Increase your sales

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed to indirectly boost your sales by driving more traffic to your website or landing page. Also, it will directly assist your sales teams in nurturing and closing prospects.

The tool provides all the necessary data and tools right at your fingertips to process and convert leads easily and quickly.

For businesses, customer discovery is paramount to growth in sales. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you not only discover but deeply understand your potential customers. By leveraging advanced search options like Boolean Search, Lead, and Account Recommendations, users can systematically refine their prospecting strategies to attract and engage their target audience.

Finally, LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be integrated with various CRM tools like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to accelerate the sales processes. Through the CRM integration feature, salespeople can view and engage with LinkedIn insights within their CRM tools.

This can simplify the process of sales as it removes switching between tools, ensuring a smoother workflow. Integration can improve productivity and ensure that valuable insights from LinkedIn are not ignored but used for closing deals.

Key Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

One of the key features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is its advanced search capabilities. This allows you to filter the LinkedIn network by industry, job role, geographic location, and more. With access to over 930 million LinkedIn users, you can dig deep to find the exact people who would be interested in your offerings.

Another major feature is its real-time sales updates that provide leads and important insights. For example, whenever someone changes their job, moves to a new location, or posts something pertinent to your offerings, you will get a notification.

This can open doors to initiating timely conversations and improving your chances of forging a new business relationship.

In addition, LinkedIn Sales Navigator also offers integration with CRM tools. This allows you to import your LinkedIn contacts directly to your CRM platform and keep your customer data updated. This integration also lets you avoid the hassle of manual entry and prevent duplicative work.

Once you’ve set up your LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it’s time to start using it to find leads. Begin by using the search bar at the top to find leads by company, keyword, or title. You can further narrow your search by utilizing advanced filters such as job title, company size, industry, etc.

To save a potential lead, click on the ‘Save as Lead’ button on their profile. Once saved, these leads will appear in your ‘My Saved Leads’ list. You can then add notes regarding each lead and set reminders to follow up with them.

Finally, make use of LinkedIn’s InMail feature to reach out to leads directly. Craft a personalized message based on the information you’ve collected from their profile to capture their attention and potentially convert them into a customer.

The Different LinkedIn Sales Navigator Plans

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing structure is divided into three plan options. Each plan offered has a distinct set of features bundled together to cater to diverse business needs, ranging from individuals to large corporations.

Firstly, the “Sales Navigator Professional” is the ideal option for sales professionals and business individuals. The services offered in this plan are primarily focused on lead generation and prospect engagement.

Regular email updates, lead recommendations, and custom lists are a few features provided in this plan. Furthermore, InMail Messages allow business professionals to directly communicate with potential leads without any hindrance, increasing reach and engagement.

Secondly, the “Sales Navigator Team” plan is designed to facilitate collaborative sales efforts within an organization. With integrated capabilities like CRM, this plan aids in building healthy pipelines and driving sales productivity by synchronizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator with an already established CRM system.

Features like TeamLink expands networks by sharing mutual connections, while also maintaining notes and tagging profiles to enhance sales effort.

Lastly, the “Sales Navigator Enterprise” Plan, as the name suggests, is tuned to meet the needs of large-scale organizations. It follows the same feature base as the Team plan but comes with additional perks like unlimited seat numbers, extended TeamLink outreach, a higher limit of InMail messages, more saved leads, and premium customer service.

This plan, due to its extensive nature, is the most expensive.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Free Trial

The best news is that LinkedIn offers a free one-month trial for its Sales Navigator professional line of services. This means you can enjoy and explore all the features and perks of this advanced search and lead-targeting database for 30 days without paying a penny.

To get the free trial, you have to visit the Sales Navigator homepage and click on the “Start my free trial” button.

Once you’ve clicked this button, you will have to log in to your existing LinkedIn account or create a new account if you don’t already have one. In the next steps, you will be asked to provide the type of payment method, such as a credit or debit card.

Trial page for sales navigator
Source: LinkedIn

Now, even though it might seem paradoxical to input payment details for a free trial, you need to understand this is a common practice among many online subscriptions. It acts as an anti-abuse mechanism and also ensures uninterrupted service after the free trial if you decide to continue using Sales Navigator.

However, LinkedIn won’t charge anything for this trial period until it ends.

Upon confirmation, you will have full access to all of Sales Navigator’s features. Throughout the trial period, you can explore the advanced search and lead recommendation features to help you better reach out to potential sales leads.

You can also follow a company or individual in real time and set instant alerts for activities. You can send InMail to any LinkedIn member, whether connected or not, and view every profile even outside your network. Remember, a trial offer is only available once for an account.

No reason to worry 😄

Even though LinkedIn demands payment details, they will never store your credit card info or do anything unauthorized with it.

Using the free trial to evaluate if LinkedIn Sales Navigator suits your needs

Free trial is not just an opportunity to score some free leads, but also to gauge whether this tool works well with your sales strategies and objectives. Critically evaluate the tool based on your needs.

Do you require an easy-to-use CRM, or do you have a more complex sales process that demands integration with other sales tools? Track important metrics during the trial, such as the number of leads generated, how many of these leads converted, and time saved on prospecting.

Evaluate your interactions with prospects. Do they respond better to InMails, or is interaction through shared content more fruitful? This assessment requires an approach that’s systematic and thorough, ensuring that you understand the functionalities well before deciding on full-time usage.

Also, make sure to decide between Sales Navigator vs. LinkedIn Premium as they both offer some similar functions.

Tips to extend free usage

While the free trial has its limitations, there are a few ways to maximize its usage. One simple strategy would be to distribute the usage among members of your team. Each team member can sign up for their own free trial, thus extending the overall time that your business can use Sales Navigator for free.

You may also try negotiating with LinkedIn’s sales team for an extended trial period. Given that Sales Navigator is a high-ticket product, the sales team could be open to extension requests, especially if it could lead to conversion into a full subscription.

Also, don’t forget to leverage the ‘PointDrive’ presentations that come with your Sales Navigator trial. Use these to present customized content to your leads and track their engagement.

This can provide valuable insights while using the trial period for maximum benefits.

Remember, the goal of the trial period is not only to gain immediate leads but also to evaluate and strategize the best way to use Sales Navigator in the long term for your business.

By applying the best practices, thoroughly testing the tool, and extending free usage, you can make the most out of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator free trial.

Extra Tip 😎

Keep aware of any LinkedIn promotional offers. LinkedIn occasionally offers promotional discounts on Sales Navigator subscriptions, which might be available after your trial period ends.

Moving Beyond the Free Version

Moving beyond a free trial brings about a lot of changes. These changes, while often met with some degree of apprehension, bring along many benefits.

Opting for paid plans reflects a commitment to the product alongside providing a better user experience. It is a major step, whether you’re a private consumer trying out a new service or a business interested in upgrading your resources or capabilities.

Behind the paywall, a myriad of features and effective customer support awaits the user. Of course, the decision carries with it certain considerations, addressing your individual or business needs, and the very important aspect of budgeting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is there a free version of LinkedIn Sales Navigator available?

Yes, LinkedIn provides a free trial of Sales Navigator. This trial extends typically for 30 days, allowing users to experience the premium features without any cost.

2. How can one start a free trial of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Starting a free trial involves visiting the LinkedIn Sales Navigator page. Click on “Start my free trial” and follow the subsequent prompts. A credit card is necessary to start the trial.

3. Can one cancel the LinkedIn Sales Navigator free trial before it ends?

Yes, free trials can be canceled any time before the trial period ends. After logging into LinkedIn, go to ‘Settings’ under the LinkedIn Sales Navigator header and cancel the trial subscription.

4. What happens after the LinkedIn Sales Navigator free trial expires?

After the free trial period, LinkedIn will automatically start charging for the Sales Navigator subscription using the credit card details provided. Users should cancel the trial if they do not wish to subscribe.

5. Are there any limitations to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator free trial?

The free trial provides access to all premium features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. However, once the trial period is over, LinkedIn will start charging unless the trial is canceled.

6. Can I get another LinkedIn Sales Navigator free trial after it expires?

LinkedIn only permits one free trial per user for the Sales Navigator. Once the free trial ends, there are no additional free trials.

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