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Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Scraping Tools

If you think LinkedIn is just a platform for hiring candidates and finding jobs, you need to move on with this narrative. LinkedIn is one…

If you think LinkedIn is just a platform for hiring candidates and finding jobs, you need to move on with this narrative. LinkedIn is one of the most celebrated social media platforms all across the globe for improving brand online presence. 

There are various activities that one can perform over LinkedIn for gathering quality leads, forming strong bonds, etc. One of the prime activities that users are actually not aware of is LinkedIn profile scraping, which numerous online tools enable. 

What Is LinkedIn Scraping?

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LinkedIn scraping refers to the practice of using automated tools or scripts to extract data from LinkedIn profiles, pages, or other parts of the LinkedIn platform. This data can include information about individual users, such as their names, job titles, companies, locations, education, skills, and more. LinkedIn scraping is often used for various purposes, including lead generation, recruitment, market research, and competitive analysis.

Profile scraping is basically a way to gather email addresses from LinkedIn accounts. The data extracted by using LinkedIn profile scraping tools can help you use the information for the benefit of the business. However, doing this task manually can be pretty tedious. Thus, the use of profile scrapers becomes inevitable.  

Let’s learn more about the best LinkedIn scrapers: 

1. Dripify


Dripify is a sales automation tool designed to help businesses automate their LinkedIn and email outreach. It facilitates sending personalized messages, connection requests, and follow-ups. Additional features include LinkedIn profile visits, likes, auto endorsements, email finder and more.

Dripify is one of the LinkedIn profile scraping tools that stands out from all of them. Businesses have been actively using this tool and considered as one of the most advanced and user-friendly LinkedIn scraper. 

With Dripify, you can resolve a lot of time-wasting tasks, for example, you can easily automate the task of sending connection requests to the 2nd and 3rd-level LinkedIn contacts. You can also automate your outreach campaign and generate leads. With the help of a personal dashboard, you can also keep an eye on the performance of your teammates.

What Makes Dripify Stand Out?

A lot of features and regular product updates. Nice and easy to use interface, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use this LinkedIn automation tool.

Room for Improvement

Some users report that Dripify has bugs in the refund and billing module and they keep billing you even if you try to cancel. Just contact their customer support team and resolve the issue.

Affordable Pricing

Dripify offers three pricing plans, with options starting from the Basic plan priced at $39 monthly. You can upgrade to the Pro plan for $59 per month, or unlock premium features with the Advanced plan, available at $79 per month.

Free Plan and Trial

No free plan. Get started with a complimentary free trial.

2. Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM stands out as one of the most reputable LinkedIn scraping tools, delivering high-quality leads. This all-in-one LinkedIn Chrome extension empowers users to perform a multitude of tasks. From skill endorsements to bulk connection requests, Octopus CRM simplifies LinkedIn interactions.

Dedicated to Optimizing Prospecting

Octopus CRM prioritizes streamlining prospecting efforts, making it an invaluable asset for businesses aiming to expand. Trusted by a global community of LinkedIn users, it offers a range of features, including:

  • LinkedIn Automation
  • Campaign Creation
  • CRM Integrations
  • Safety Tools
  • LinkedIn Scraping

Areas for Improvement

Octopus CRM has received criticism for limited automation and a clunky interface. Lack of flexibility in customization options have also been reported.

Pricing Plans to Suit Your Needs

Octopus CRM offers flexible pricing tiers to accommodate various requirements:

For the Starter plan you will need to pay $6.99 per month, some more money: $9.99 per month for a Pro plan. If you are working with LinkedIn on a day-to-day basis, try their Advanced plan for $14.99 per month or subscribe to the Unlimited plan for just $24.99 per month.

Exploration with a Free Trial

Notably, Octopus CRM provides a free trial, allowing users to explore its capabilities risk-free. Join the ranks of satisfied customers and elevate your LinkedIn lead generation with Octopus CRM.

3. Lemlist


Lemlist is a powerful cold email software and outreach automation tool that is designed to help businesses grow. It is known for its ability to personalize cold email outreach campaigns at scale, which can significantly increase response rates. Lemlist has become much more than a cold email solution. Now Lemlist allows you to scrape your target’s data on LinkedIn.

It allows you to completely automate your multi-channel prospecting (email and LinkedIn message) from LinkedIn, your CRM or simply a .csv file. Lemlist known for its ability to:

  • Personalize cold email outreach
  • Automate LinkedIn messages
  • Integrate with CRM systems
  • Use AI to write messages
  • Scrape LinkedIn data using its Chrome extension

What Do We Like About Lemlist?

Lemlist makes it easy to create hyper-customized multi-channel cold email and LinkedIn sequences. Ergonomics and UX are probably the things we’d really like to see improved at Lemlist.

Affordable Pricing

From $59: LinkedIn scraping, enrichment, and sending of cold-email, invitations or LinkedIn messages.

Free Plan and Trial

No free plan but a trial period.

4. Phantombuster


Phantombuster stands out as one of the go-to tools for LinkedIn scraping, enabling the creation of workflows and the automation of B2B prospecting on this professional social network.

Whether it’s LinkedIn scraping, crafting hyper-personalized messages, or sending connection requests, Phantombuster simplifies the process. Each phantom or workflow is pre-configured, allowing you to focus on your content and copywriting skills.

Why Phantombuster Stands Out

Phantombuster isn’t just a run-of-the-mill LinkedIn scraping tool; it’s a comprehensive prospecting automation powerhouse, offering over 50 automation sequences tailored for LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

This robust tool allows you to extract a wealth of data from LinkedIn profiles, including:

  • Results from a LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator search
  • Likes on a post
  • Comments on a post
  • A simple LinkedIn URL
  • Data from a LinkedIn group
  • Followers of a company page

Room for Improvement

While Phantombuster excels in various areas, it’s worth noting that the uniqueness of each automation sequence, while providing flexibility, can sometimes lead to different output file formats. This might become a bit cumbersome when you’re working with several Phantoms simultaneously.

Moreover, integrations with platforms like Integromat and Zapier, while present, are somewhat limited. It would be great if Phantombuster could offer direct output from your LinkedIn scraping without requiring the detour through Google Sheets.

Pricing Details

Phantombuster offers flexible pricing, starting from $48 per month, which provides you with 20 hours of execution, access to five automation workflows, and 500 email enrichments.

Free Plan and Trial

Phantombuster understands that you may want to dip your toes in before diving in. They offer a free plan that provides 30 minutes of execution per month and access to one automation workflow. Additionally, they offer a 14-day free trial that allows for 2 hours of execution time and access to five automation workflows.

5. La Growth Machine

La Growth Machine

La Growth Machine is your ultimate multi-channel prospecting automation companion. It seamlessly integrates LinkedIn, Email, Twitter, and more, making it a versatile tool for your outreach strategies.

Consequently, La Growth Machine enables you to generate qualified leads and communicate with them in an ultra-targeted manner within the message, at the precise time, in accordance with each individual’s actions.

What Makes La Growth Machine Stand Out?

One of the key strengths of La Growth Machine is its flexibility. You can easily schedule and customize your prospecting scenarios, tailoring each interaction to your specific needs. Whether it’s sending emails, invitations, LinkedIn messages, or tweets, this tool puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to create a highly personalized and targeted outreach strategy.

By scraping LinkedIn, La Growth Machine empowers you to collect comprehensive information about your prospects, providing valuable insights for crafting engaging and relevant messages. This level of customization means you can address your leads at the right moment, based on their actions and your predefined conditions.

What We Love About La Growth Machine

The ability to customize scenarios is a game-changer. You can start from scratch or use existing templates, offering endless possibilities for tailoring your prospecting efforts. Notably, La Growth Machine provides a solution to the often-restrictive 100-weekly LinkedIn invitation limit, provided you don’t include notes in your connection requests.

Within various prospecting scenarios, you can effortlessly find, verify, and qualify your contacts’ professional email addresses, enriching their profiles with essential data for your outreach efforts.

A notable point: La Growth Machine isn’t limited to Chrome. It’s compatible with Safari, broadening its usability.

Areas for Improvement

While La Growth Machine offers substantial capabilities, it currently lacks integration with Salesforce. However, the good news is that this feature is on the horizon, so keep an eye out for future updates.

Pricing and Free Access

La Growth Machine offers three pricing plans, with options starting at €67 per month to kickstart your sales automation journey. The Pro plan, priced at €100 per month, grants unlimited access to the Email Finder and other enriching features offered by La Growth Machine. Unfortunately, there’s no free plan, but you can explore the tool through a 14-day trial period.

6. Linked Helper 2

LinkedIn Helper 2

Linked Helper 2 is a specialized LinkedIn software designed for both scraping and automation on the platform.

The Power of Prospecting at Your Fingertips

This solution empowers you to craft your own prospecting strategies on LinkedIn. Whether it’s profile visits and scraping, automatic follow actions, scheduled message sending, or invitation programming, Linked Helper 2 has you covered.

Why We Recommend Linked Helper

If LinkedIn is your primary arena for prospecting, Linked Helper 2 is a tool you’ll appreciate. It’s user-friendly and packs a wide range of features, including profile visits, profile scraping, connection requests, message sending, event invitations, and auto-follow functionality.

One standout benefit is the capability to manage multiple LinkedIn profiles under the same account. Linked Helper 2 operates through LinkedIn connections rather than relying on cookies, which tend to be less reliable and can disrupt your workflows.

Pricing That Fits

Linked Helper 2 pricing structure starts at $8.25 with limited features for a 12-month commitment. For full access to all features, the Pro Plan is your best bet. Although there isn’t a free plan, Linked Helper 2 offers a 14-day free trial. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the capabilities of one of the best LinkedIn scraping and automation tools.

7. Surfe


Surfe takes LinkedIn scraping to the next level through its browser extension. This tool seamlessly integrates with your CRM, making the addition of new contacts a breeze.

Surfe allows you to add contacts, find qualified emails, synchronize LinkedIn and Sales Navigator conversations to the CRM through their Chrome extension. Surfe will be a super handy tool for you if your main goal is to automate LinkedIn messages, connection requests and scrape LinkedIn to add the data in your CRM.

Revolutionizing LinkedIn Scraping

Surfe, formerly known as Leadjet, serves as a LinkedIn scraper in the form of an extension. What sets it apart is its ability to automatically transfer profiles you visit on LinkedIn directly into your CRM.

Native CRM Integrations

We love that Surfe effortlessly integrates with popular CRM platforms such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Copper. With a simple click on the integrated button within LinkedIn, Surfe generates a new contact record for the profile you’re viewing. It populates essential details like the contact’s first and last name, job title, company, and website.

Room for Improvement

One feature we’re eagerly waiting for is the capability to add leads directly from a LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator search. Currently, this process is manual.

Affordable Pricing

Surfe offers pricing starting from €23 per month per user, which provides access to a range of functions. To enjoy the automated profile addition feature to your CRM, you’ll need to upgrade to the next level. While there’s no free plan, Surfe does offer the opportunity to explore some features through its free plan, and there’s a 14-day free trial for the paid tiers.

8. Captain Data

Captain Data

Captain Data isn’t just another LinkedIn scraping tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers sales and marketing teams. It’s designed to streamline your prospecting efforts by helping you identify leads, enrich their data, and engage with them on a deeply personalized level.

What Sets Captain Data Apart

One of the standout features of Captain Data is its seamless integration with a plethora of other services, including LinkedIn, Google Drive, Lemlist. This means that you can effortlessly connect your various tools and collaborate with your entire team. This is a game-changer for teams looking to supercharge their sales automation processes.

If you’re new to sales automation, Captain Data simplifies the entire process. You can quickly grasp the intricacies of scraping websites or extracting data from LinkedIn, launching multi-channel prospecting campaigns in just minutes, and with only a few clicks.

Areas for Improvement

While Captain Data offers great ready-to-use workflows, it’s important to note that these workflows are somewhat inflexible, and you can’t easily modify or adapt predefined scenarios. Additionally, searching for your target using Boolean search can be a bit challenging. An easier, more visually appealing method would be a welcome enhancement.

Pricing and Free Access

Captain Data offers multiple pricing options, with plans starting from €399 per month, providing 25,000 tasks and unlimited workflows for up to five users. If you want to explore the tool before committing, there’s a free 14-day trial available, allowing 1,000 tasks and access to three workflows for a single user.

9. TexAu


TexAu, an innovative solution hailing from India, puts the power of crafting personalized prospecting workflows right in your hands. Whether it’s LinkedIn scraping, data enrichment, or email outreach, TexAu equips you to create customized workflows, ensuring your outreach strategy aligns precisely with your needs.

Why TexAu Deserves Your Attention

One of the standout features of TexAu is its versatility. You’ll discover a range of pre-configured templates and popular scenarios at your disposal, simplifying the process of creating workflows. Better yet, you can freely share your customized workflows, enhancing collaboration within your team.

TexAu’s ability to offer complete customization in your prospecting workflows, allowing you to set the timing and conditions, is a remarkable advantage. This level of control ensures your outreach is not only personalized but also perfectly timed for maximum impact.

Let’s Talk About Pricing

TexAu’s pricing structure is accommodating. Plans start at $29, offering a cloud and desktop version with 1.5 hours of runtime per day and support for up to five automations.

While TexAu doesn’t provide a free plan, they offer a 14-day trial version. This allows you to explore the platform’s features and determine if it’s the right fit for your prospecting needs.

10. Waalaxy


Waalaxy emerges as the reincarnation of ProspectIn, providing a powerful multi-channel automation and prospecting solution right from a Chrome extension. From LinkedIn scraping to automated profile visits, message sending, and connection requests, Waalaxy is one of the tools that does it all.

Unlocking LinkedIn’s Potential

What stands out about Waalaxy is its ability to circumvent LinkedIn’s weekly limit of 100 invites. Although mass mailing without proper targeting isn’t advised, having the flexibility to send unlimited connection requests is a notable advantage.

Multi-Channel Prospecting Made Simple

Waalaxy simplifies the creation of multi-channel prospecting sequences, covering LinkedIn, email, and Twitter. This approach optimizes interactions with your leads by offering various touchpoints.

Areas for Improvement

One limitation is the current inability to create custom scenarios or modify existing sequences. This feature could enhance the platform’s flexibility.

Pricing to Suit Your Needs

Waalaxy’s pricing starts at €30 and includes LinkedIn automation, message templates, and up to 800 LinkedIn invitations per month. Additional plans offer more advanced features.

Exploration with a Free Plan

Waalaxy offers a free plan that allows you to initiate your initial sequences with a limit of 100 invitations per month, making it a valuable option for those looking to get started.

Is Scraping Illegal on LinkedIn?

An illustration outlining the legality of LinkedIn scraping, and the tools that use that feature.

Scraping LinkedIn data is not illegal, but it is against LinkedIn’s terms of service. While LinkedIn prohibits scraping, it’s worth noting that some consider publicly available information to be fair game for scraping. In practice, LinkedIn typically enforces certain limitations on scraping activities:

  • Free LinkedIn accounts are typically limited to exporting 80 profiles per day.
  • Premium LinkedIn accounts can export up to 150 profiles per day.
  • If you have a Sales Navigator subscription, you can export as many as 2,500 leads per day.

LinkedIn is aware that recruiters and sales professionals rely on scraping for their work, so they often tolerate scraping activities within these limits.


LinkedIn has an audience of around one billion members spread across 200+ countries. This shows how much power LinkedIn holds. If businesses are not using this platform to its full potential, they might miss out on significant opportunities.

The best LinkedIn scraping tools provide a range of features that can significantly enhance the efficiency of sales and recruitment efforts. When using these tools, it’s essential to remain mindful of LinkedIn’s terms of service, respect their limitations, and prioritize ethical and legal practices in data scraping. These tools can be valuable assets for businesses and professionals, but responsible and compliant use is key to their effectiveness.

To use LinkedIn in the best way possible, it is essential to use LinkedIn scrapers. With the help of these tools, one can save time and witness tremendous growth in their business. The tools mentioned above are just a few which you can use to start your journey over LinkedIn initially. Among them, Dripify is the best LinkedIn scraper that every business should use to grow its business presence online. 

About the author:

Sam Krol is a Strategic Partnership Manager with a passion for marketing automation. He works for a leading company providing LinkedIn outreach automation solutions, helping businesses achieve their marketing goals.

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