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10 Benefits of Outsourcing Content Creation for LinkedIn

Today’s business landscape is tightly intertwined through professional networking platforms, where LinkedIn stands out as the leader in connecting employers and potential employees. That’s why…

Today’s business landscape is tightly intertwined through professional networking platforms, where LinkedIn stands out as the leader in connecting employers and potential employees. That’s why business owners and organizations from various industries use LinkedIn to maintain a social presence, attract new customers, and create content marketing strategies.

However, LinkedIn content creation can be a time-consuming task. It requires expertise and steals precious time from various business operations, often overwhelming the company’s in-house employees. Businesses are now turning toward content creation outsourcing, entrusting LinkedIn content projects to professionals, and freeing their employees’ time to focus on other vital tasks.

In this article, we’ll discuss outsourcing LinkedIn content, elaborating how this modern practice is a game-changer for maintaining an online presence while carrying significant advantages over content creation fueled by in-house teams. We’ll delve deeper into numerous benefits and show you what to consider when outsourcing professional content creators.

10 advantages of outsourcing content creation for LinkedIn

With more than three-quarters of large organizations outsourcing content marketing efforts, community management, social media presence, and client communication have become much more manageable with LinkedIn. That’s because content outsourcing brings a wide range of industry benefits, which include the following:

1. Better cost efficiency

A diagram explaining what is cost efficiency.

Whether we discuss recruitment, full-time jobs, or equipment costs, in-house content creation and marketing teams can be expensive. With the average content writer’s salary at around $59,000, we quickly forget about the benefits and training, which can rack up your company’s expenses. And you’ll constantly be spending on these elements. However, outsourcing LinkedIn content creation experts when needed can mitigate most of these costs, as you’re only paying for the written word.

Content marketing agencies for hire and outsourced full-time writers don’t require training or full-time salaries, allowing your company to free up its resources and focus them on other vital business activities. Your organization will also produce high-quality content that attracts potential customers at an affordable price. You might even be able to generate revenue with these practical and cost-efficient marketing strategies.

2. Immense content scalability

Outsourcing content marketing on LinkedIn is highly scaleable.

Hiring creative teams to write blog posts or create compelling social media posts can be a limiting factor for your organization’s growth. You’d be paying for content ideas even when you don’t need them, prohibiting you from investing in other areas of business. 

Increasing the company’s size can also be challenging, as you’d need to hire new employees, pay their benefits and salaries, and provide them with advertising tools, which can constrict your firm’s scalability.

On the other hand, the primary idea of outsourcing talent is to provide excellent content when needed without constantly employing full-time workers. That flexibility offers immense scalability, allowing growing organizations to increase or decrease their content output quickly.

3. Access to expert writers

While your employees are undoubtedly skilled at their jobs and can effortlessly handle their everyday tasks, asking them to follow numerous market trends and become experts on multiple subjects isn’t the most fabulous idea. On top of that, providing niche content isn’t something anyone can do, which is why hiring professionals who know the field is a far better choice.

Platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, Freelancer, Fiverr, WriterAccess, Guru, and more are excellent choices for finding content writers with years of expertise and skills in a particular niche. These professionals will be rated by their skill and amount of work, making your decision on who to hire far more manageable.


Outsourcing provides access to such expertise, allowing your firm to take advantage of professional writers with years of experience in the industry. These experts can create excellent content of the highest quality. That, in turn, ensures your LinkedIn posts don’t suffer from blocker issues, which is often the case with full-time employees caused by the lack of fresh perspectives.

4. Different forms of content


Working with in-house teams allows companies to create stylish templates and produce consistent LinkedIn content that the audience is fond of and effortlessly recognizes. However, that’s not always the correct answer, as digital content is ever-evolving, and audience engagement is better kept high by bringing new and unique perspectives.

Outsourcing your company’s LinkedIn content provides access to a diverse market of unique professionals with different content formats. It allows your company to adjust its content to the audience’s preferences. This can involve utilizing readily available blog post templates for consistent formatting while still leaving room for freelance experts to personalize the content and voice.

On the other hand, you can decrease the amount of control and let the hired freelancer handle the entire project from start to finish, but the possibilities are truly endless.

5. Attention to content creation

High-quality content creation.

In most cases, content creation isn’t the only responsibility of your marketing teams. That can quickly decrease the quality of your digital content, as your employees likely have numerous other aspects to worry about.

On the other hand, a professional content creator’s sole responsibility is to produce high-quality content, focusing exclusively on one aspect. Outsourcing LinkedIn content to experts brings the needed attention to content creation, allowing your posts to perform much better.

Moreover, outsourced professional content creators can seamlessly integrate their workflow with your company’s different teams through social collaboration tools. Backed by effortless communication and project management tools, your employees will work with outsourced content creators, regardless of whether you’re hiring a single freelance writer or an entire social media management company.

6. Constant flow of content

Outsourcing content creation might be a great way of earning more money on LinkedIn

Although undoubtedly skilled and valuable employees, in-house content creators often need help navigating writing blocks, struggling to provide quality content that attracts new customers or retains the existing ones. However, that’s not the case with outsourcing, as you can always find more experts to provide fresh ideas and unique content.

With outsourced LinkedIn content creators, roadblocks will be a thing of the past, and your company will have a guaranteed source of new, high-quality content. As a result, your consistent and constant LinkedIn posts will attract more attention, improve your branding, convert more visitors into customers, and enhance your company’s customer service.

7. Elevated brand image

You may not think it, but countless brands outsource various aspects of their functionality, including content creation. Coca-Cola is a prime example of a successful enterprise that outsources. However, brands such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and many other businesses outsource some of their countless processes.

Having a distinct brand voice in today’s overly saturated business market is one of the keys to success. Many larger companies spend millions of dollars carefully crafting this brand image, but this might not always be necessary. Instead, hiring professional content writers who can adapt your brand’s style and tone might be a better idea.

By providing your outsourced content creation experts with a few examples, you can ensure they stick to your desired templates when creating content for your LinkedIn page. These examples can increase the consistency of your posts, allowing your potential customers to recognize your brand easily. All of this contributes to the elevation of your LinkedIn personal brand.

8. Higher conversion numbers

In-house writers often have access to a vast collection of tools and state-of-the-art equipment and can create excellent articles or enticing blog posts. However, these employees often have numerous other items to worry about, prohibiting them from fully committing to writing.

On the other hand, specialized LinkedIn content from an outsourced social media management company or subject matter experts allows your firm to establish a more substantial social media presence. That takes care of writing and provides action content that follows industry trends with a consistent tone. In turn, your digital content can reach more customers and have a higher chance of converting them.

The fact that available statistics clearly indicate that outsourcing jobs are on the rise also proves that more companies are seeing the benefits of hiring freelance content creators.

9. Strengthen your organic presence on Google

Ranking on number one position is one of the coveted goals of SEO.

LinkedIn Pulse is a content distribution platform within LinkedIn that allows users to publish long-form content

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is vital to all digital content, not just LinkedIn Pulse, as it improves the post’s online visibility and search engine rankings, pushing your content to the front pages and bringing more visitors to your page or business.

That’s where outsourced LinkedIn content professionals make a lot of sense. Part of the job of an outsourced content creator is to know and handle SEO on top of content creation. These experts are often well-versed in keywords, meta headings and descriptions, and alluring titles, significantly boosting your content’s SEO.

Most outsourced content creators frequently follow content marketing trends and adjust their SEO strategies accordingly. This allows them to provide your company with authoritative content on the subject matter. It also ensures your published content enjoys search engine optimization benefits, reaching more users, especially if you use LinkedIn website authority for your own benefits, then desired results do not take a long time to arrive.

10. More time for business activities

You can focus on different business tasks after outsourcing content creation on LinkedIn.

The role of a business manager is challenging, as it includes hundreds of daily tasks. These people often have to worry about several business aspects, spending many hours dealing with customer service, content market plans, business insights, etc.

Outsourcing can change that, as outsourcing content saves you valuable time. You won’t have to worry about finding talent, recruiting, training, setting up office space, providing equipment, and covering business benefits. That time will be spent better elsewhere, allowing you to focus on numerous aspects of business. After all, your time as a business owner is more valuable than that of a content writer.

Factors to consider when selecting an outsourcing partner for LinkedIn content

Now that we know more about the numerous benefits that outsourcing companies, industry experts, and freelance writers bring to social media content creation and LinkedIn blog content, we can dive deeper into a few more items you’ll need to consider before going all-in on LinkedIn content creation outsourcing. They include the following factors: 

  • Content Strategy – Before you start your outsourcing journey, it’s highly recommended that you determine and define your company’s marketing strategies and content creation needs. Before you hire someone, ask them to present their work so you can verify that their skills match your firm’s content creation needs. Their writing and marketing strategies should complement yours for the most efficient and productive LinkedIn experience.
  • Writing Platforms – Content creation relies heavily on robust writing platforms. Such tools can effortlessly help you enhance customer engagement and optimize your LinkedIn posts to adjust to your audience. You should also look for experts skilled with your preferred writing platforms to improve your content marketing plan and ensure that your in-house and outsourced teams have no issues using these tools.
  • Content Marketing Manager – If you opt for outsourcing content creation teams, hiring a professional to manage their content and progress is highly advised. Such experts can ensure your outsourced content is engaging and comprehensive, elevating your business insights. Content marketing managers can analyze your outsourced team’s success and adjust their strategies to improve the company’s overall performance.
  • Access to Tools – Depending on your company’s products and services, your outsourced team might require access to specialized tools for successful content creation and SEO optimization. Therefore, you should verify what tools your in-house employees use, ensuring that outsourced teams can access these. Researching the market and looking into state-of-the-art tools can help improve collaboration, SEO, content creation, and content management systems.
  • Subject-Matter Experts – Content creation professionals are essential to a successful LinkedIn growth journey. These LinkedIn experts can ensure that you’re outputting high-quality content that’s engaging and enticing to your readers, helping you reach new users and retain existing ones. You must outsource to the right content creators, though, only looking into field experts and writers with years of experience. Of course, the same goes for social media management companies and entire content creation teams.

There’ll likely be many more business decisions to make, depending on your company’s outsourced content needs, potential client relationships, and advertising tools.

What types of content can be effectively outsourced for LinkedIn?

Content outsourcing can be as versatile as in-house content production, covering a wide range of topics and numerous types of content. The options are endless, from writing short 500-word posts or fantastic news articles for your LinkedIn newsletter to creating animations, images, and memes to dealing with search engine optimization. A freelance content creator can offer various content creation services, effortlessly handling an extensive range of content types and making whatever type of high-quality content you’re after.

Is there flexibility in terms of scaling up or down the outsourced LinkedIn content creation efforts?

Absolutely! One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is hiring bigger-than-needed in-house teams, often wasting money. However, as scalability is one of the main aspects of content-creating outsourcing firms, companies that opt to employ freelance content-creation talent can swiftly increase the scale of their marketing teams, leading to effective campaign management and constant presence when needed, or decrease the number of professional content writers during quieter periods and save money.

What specialized skills do outsourcing providers bring to LinkedIn content development?

Whether you’re after compelling posts, different writing styles, or unique pieces of content, outsourced LinkedIn content service providers offer fresh perspectives and skill sets that can help you reach your business goals without worrying about full-time jobs and focusing on essential business matters instead. They let companies access a massive content marketplace with industry experts and specialized full-time content writers who can deploy original content or provide niche content in the desired tone of voice.

This is a guest post by Radovan Harnak. He is a content manager in the project management and team collaboration field. In his free time, he enjoys exploring different cultures by cooking international dishes in his kitchen for friends or taking pictures with vintage cameras.

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