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Viralspy 50% discount coupon, plus: How to use Viralspy for free?

When we started planning this post we had a very specific target in mind: to come up with a win-win-win concept that will help three…

When we started planning this post we had a very specific target in mind: to come up with a win-win-win concept that will help three different parties:

  1. You, the person who reads this and wants to save money on using Viralspy (or even make from it more than you pay for it)
  2. The community, according to our latest research that’s 5,766,163 groups members and tens of millions of followers of content about social media marketing
  3. Viralspy, because in order to provide tools and solutions for social media growth we need to grow as an business as well.

The team and I came up with an idea, and I hope you’re going to like it.

Complete the challenge and get 50% discount

The purpose of this challenge it incentivizes you to bring value to the social media marketers community by posting something interesting and mention Viralspy. Your post will be interesting and valuable to the readers, Viralspy will get organic exposure through your mention and you will get a 50% refund for your payment to Viralspy for the monthly plan, or 10% refund for the yearly plan: win-win-win.

Yes, we are literally going to refund you, give you cash back, if you do that.

I want to make it very easy for you as well, so I prepared for you answers to the most common questions that comes up after such an offer.

How do I get the discount?

Soon after you post contact us through the chat support at the bottom right corner in the Viralspy app. Send us a link to your post or a screenshot of it (if it’s in a closed community like a Whatsapp group).

Our team will validate that your posting stands within the requirements of this challenge and then pass your ticket to the billing department which will refund you. For yearly subscriptions, the refund will be given immediately when the challenge completion is approved. For monthly payments, the refund will be given for the next payment (For example, if you paid 20 days ago, you will get refunded after the upcoming payment, in 10 days – the billing team will handle it automatically).

Where to post?

We’ve prepared a list of 188 social media marketing communities which has 5,766,163 members in total (mind blowing!). I want to share this list with you too, for two reasons: first, because in order to complete the challenge you need to post something there, and second, because you might find there communities you would like to join.

I hope that this list will serve you as a valuable asset. Eventually, the main goal of creating Viralspy was to help you to grow.

The list includes communities in almost every social platform: Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora and even Telegram and Whatsapp. If you are familiar with other communities that we should include in the list reach out through out chat support or comment below under this article and we’ll add it and expand the list (thank you for your contribution to this community).

What to post?

I want to give you a few ideas on how to post something that will be both valuable for the readers of the post and make you eligible for the discount.

Share a piece of content that you liked

We create new content all the time, for example, you can browse all of the content of this blog in this page. If there is a piece of content you like – you can post about it.

Here is what I usually do: I literally quote word-to-word parts of the articles I like to which I add a relevant title, a few words to give some context, and a link to the resource I’ve been quoting (the article from this blog). You can see an example in the post about the 2022 marketing calendar.

Under the link to the resource, I quoted the beginning of the content marketing calendar article

Comment on existing posts – help others

I don’t only choose to post myself, but also to comment on other posts when I have something valuable and relevant to share with the person who created the post and the rest of the community.

The person who published the post asked for tips for a first-time social media manager

Show them results

Images speak louder than words. Just look at the example below, it speaks for itself. No matter if you reached a hundred people or a hundred million people – as long as you reached more people than what you reach on average it can be valuable for the community to hear from you how you did it. What was the process you used to find the most viral content to post? (hopefully, your process for finding viral content is somewhat similar to the organic growth strategy article suggests)

Credit: Christien Bouc, admin of the Facebook community Instagram Marketing Secrets

And if you don’t have good results to share, then you can share the “bad” results. Just be transparent, as is, and share what you plan to do about it and ask for more tips, ideas and help. Create a valuable discussion that everyone can learn from.

Share your plans

Share your goals and plans and ask the community to review them. When someone reviews your plan and share with you their insights they don’t only contribute to you some new knowledge but also strengthen their own knowledge – we best learn by teaching others.

If you already have some experience, you can share your origin story. How did you make it from 0 to wherever you are now, what tips would you give your beginner-self?

How to get Viralspy 100% free? (and even make money from it)

One of the examples I shared in the article what is Instagram growth hacking was of a famous growth hack. It’s one of the most famous examples in the business world, by Dropbox, that helped them reach a billion dollar valuation.

Dropbox gave extra cloud storage in return for inviting a friend to signup for Dropbox. The questions is: why would Dropbox give extra free space, exactly at the moment that the user ran out of space and could be about to upgrade? The answer is simple: the cost of acquisition. When it costs a lot to get a person to signup to your service, sometimes even delaying the upgrade (and losing a few upgrades) is still worth it.

In the Dropbox use case, I shared this screenshot that shows the price range per click for keywords like “cloud storage”, “Google drive storage” and “iCloud storage”. These are only clicks! Think how many of these it takes to get one signup, and how many signups it takes to get someone to pay! That’s expensive.

When we analyzed the expected cost of acquisition for in the social media marketing industry we soon realized that the same case that applied to Dropbox also applies to us. It doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it for us to advertise on Facebook and Google, but it would be insane not to look for more ways to grow. That’s when we came up with this idea

We prefer to pay to you, not to Google and Facebook.

Typically, what software companies like ours do in order to convince you to promote them is creating an affiliate program. So we started by doing exactly that, and when you signup to Viralspy you are automatically joined to the program and you can use your affiliate link to collect a percentage of the subscription of the people you refer to Viralspy.

By the way, we tiered the program to incentivize people or companies that can generate high number of signups per month to participate in it. If you are an influencer or a publisher reach out to apply for improved affiliate rates.

Win. Win. Win.

When we started the conversation about this challenge the goal we had in our mind was simple: to generate growth. If it sounds familiar to you it is because you and I share the same goal, and therefore using the challenge format might be relevant for you as well.

If you plan to run challenges yourself, remember the win-win-win rule for designing them. By including an element of positive impact on the community you don’t only multiply your contribution but also increase the appreciation of the participants towards you, hence – their participation rate.

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