The social media content strategy masterclass


Entrepreneur, speaker

Kfir Shapira

Co-Founder & CEO, – Viralspy

Date & Duration

60 Min lesson + 30 min Q&A



How come some content on Instagram and other social media platforms goes viral?

When you understand the mechanism of virality you can build a data-driven social media marketing strategy for growth.

“Data-driven organizations are 162% more likely to significantly surpass revenue goals.” (according to a research by Database). Would you agree it makes sense to say that data-driven social media accounts surpass their engagement levels goals? They become more viral.

In this master class we will analyze the words of Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, in order to expose how does Instagram content gain organic exposure, and how can we will build a successful strategy from it.

We are going to put a structure to the process of content creation. The real organic growth hack is in the process we are going to build.

Join me on the journey to turn the time you put into content creation into a results-driven and data-driven process. It will definitely serve you in reaching better social media performance!