How To Find Email Address on LinkedIn

How to Find Email Address on LinkedIn [2024]

In this article, you will learn about LinkedIn email visibility settings and how to find email address on LinkedIn. Additionally, this article will explore tools…

In this article, you will learn about LinkedIn email visibility settings and how to find email address on LinkedIn. Additionally, this article will explore tools to extract email addresses and alternative methods such as using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Groups, Events, and Alumni Tool.

Quick Answer 🤑

The fastest way to get an email address from LinkedIn is to:
1. Open the profile of the person you need an email from
2. Click on the “Contact Info” (Needs to be 1st Degree Connection)
3. Copy the email.
There are third-party tools available for people who are not in your network.

How to find an email address on the public LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has strict privacy settings that do not allow you to view a user’s email address unless they have made it publicly available on their profile. Also, you cannot see the email address of someone who is not a 1st-degree connection.

To check if a LinkedIn user has provided their email address you need to visit their profile. Then, look for the “Contact Info” section or click on “See contact info”.

Profile summary

Once you select contact info, a small pop-up window will open. If the user has made their email address public, it will be listed here.

contact info details

Extracting Email Addresses with External Tools

Extracting email addresses from LinkedIn can be a time-consuming task, especially when dealing with large-scale datasets. Fortunately, there are numerous external sales tools and software available that simplify this process, enabling businesses and individuals to efficiently gather email addresses for specific purposes such as marketing campaigns, lead generation, and more.

Email extraction software and tools

Email extraction software and tools are designed to extract email addresses from various sources, such as text documents, websites, social media platforms, and email services. Such tools will be super helpful to find someone’s email address on LinkedIn. Some popular email extraction tools include:

  1. Email Extractor Pro: This tool can extract email addresses from various sources, such as web pages, text files, and email accounts. It features advanced filtering options, allowing you to filter out irrelevant email addresses based on domain names, keywords, or other criteria.
  2. Atomic Email Hunter: This software is specifically designed to extract email addresses from websites, search engines, and social media platforms. It has numerous features to speed up the extraction process, such as multithreading, support for proxy servers, and advanced search options.
  3. Mailparser: Mailparser is an advanced email parsing and extraction tool that allows users to extract various data fields, including email addresses, from incoming emails. It enables you to create custom parsing rules to extract specific information from email messages and forward the extracted data to various applications and services.
  4. Gemini Data Miner: This tool offers a comprehensive solution for extracting email addresses and other data from various sources. It is highly customizable, allowing users to develop custom extraction templates and integrate the tool with other applications.
Browser Plugins 🤩

There are multiple browser plugins available for email extraction from LinkedIn. One of them is Email Finder from GetProspect which is free.

Understanding LinkedIn’s Email Visibility Settings

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that offers various tools and settings to help users connect with other professionals while maintaining their privacy. To respect others’ privacy preferences, it is necessary to understand email visibility settings.

Default email visibility settings on LinkedIn

When you sign up for a LinkedIn account, you must provide an email address to create your profile. By default, LinkedIn’s privacy settings allow only your first-degree connections to view your email address. However, you can still receive messages from people not connected to you, even if they cannot see your email address.

LinkedIn filters messages from people you don’t know as “InMail” This filtering helps to limit spam and any other unsolicited messages. Although your email address is not visible to all users by default, your additional contact information, such as your phone number, is accessible only if you make it visible in your profile’s contact information section.

Moreover, LinkedIn automatically generates a primary email address for all users in the format “” This generated email address redirects any emails sent to your primary email address, so you can choose to share this email mask instead of your personal email address if you wish.

Managing your email address visibility

If you would like to change your email visibility settings, LinkedIn provides options to allow you to adjust it according to your preferences. To manage your email visibility settings, follow the steps below:

1) Sign in to your LinkedIn account and click on your profile picture to open the dropdown menu.

2) Select “Settings & Privacy” from the menu.

Dropdown menu

3) Click on “Visibility” in the left menu and find “Who can see or download your email address?”.

Privacy options

4) Choose the desired email visibility option from the menu:

  1. Only Me: Makes your email address visible only to you.
  2. 1st Degree Connections: Makes your email address visible to your direct connections, as discussed earlier.
  3. 1st and 2nd Degree Connections: Extends visibility to your connections’ connections.
  4. Anyone on LinkedIn: Makes your email address visible to all LinkedIn users.

After selecting your preferred email visibility option, do not forget to save your changes. Making your email public will optimize your profile for recruiters and allow them to contact you more easily.

1. What functions does LinkedIn provide for finding email addresses?

LinkedIn offers search and profile viewing functionalities that may reveal a user’s email address, provided it has been made public. Users can also network with connections to acquire email addresses through direct messages or by viewing their contact information.

2. Can I locate email addresses on LinkedIn for people outside my connections?

LinkedIn enables users to search for profiles even outside their connections, but gaining access to contact information, like email addresses, might require sending a connection request or InMail for premium subscribers. Some profiles may also have their email addresses shown publicly.

3. How can I find an email address when scanning somebody’s LinkedIn profile?

When viewing a profile, navigate to the Contact Information section, usually located below the profile image. If the person has chosen to share their email address, users will find it there.

4. Does having a premium LinkedIn account enhance my chances of obtaining an email address?

A premium LinkedIn subscription provides InMail credits, which allow users to message individuals outside their connections. InMails can be a way of acquiring an email address by directly asking the concerned person for their contact information. With the right subject line, your LinkedIn InMail message might just get you the connection you are looking for.

5. Are there any third-party applications that can assist me in extracting email addresses?

Many third-party tools, such as email finders or contact information extraction services, can help fetch email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. However, always verify the service’s legitimacy and ensure it adheres to data privacy guidelines before using it.

6. Is it possible to use the LinkedIn API to obtain email addresses?

LinkedIn offers an API to access a wealth of information, but it only allows for fetching a user’s own email address. It is not possible to acquire others’ email addresses through the API due to data privacy limitations.

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