How to find saved posts on LinkedIn will explain this in very brief fashion.

How to Find Saved Posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is so much more than a place to keep your resume online. With over 1 billion members, it’s become an invaluable source of business…

LinkedIn is so much more than a place to keep your resume online. With over 1 billion members, it’s become an invaluable source of business knowledge and connections. Saved posts is an underutilized feature that lets you tap into this wealth of insights on LinkedIn.

Saving content to your LinkedIn profile allows you to bookmark information you find valuable. Whether an insightful industry article, an expert’s professional advice, or a motivational post – saving for later makes it easy to rediscover the posts worth remembering. But with all of the exciting content surfacing in your feed, you may forget what stories you’ve saved. How do you locate those nuggets of wisdom again amidst the influx of new updates?

By navigating to your saved posts archive. Let’s see how you can do it.

Access Your Saved Posts Folder

LinkedIn curates your saved items in one organized hub for easy access. So retrieving that impactful post or pulse-quickening piece of news you want to rediscover is simple. Here’s how:

  1. From your feed, click on the “My Items” menu on the left sidebar.
  2. Select “Saved posts and articles”.
  3. Scroll through your full archive of saved posts.
The first step to finding your saved posts on LinkedIn is to click on My Items menu.
The second step is to click through to the Saved posts and articles.

You’ll find each post you’ve “liked”, shared, or deliberately saved consolidated chronologically for your perusing pleasure. It almost feels like finding money in your winter coat pocket months later. Rediscover what once captured your intrigue or gave you that boost of inspiration you crave.

Remember to Save Posts Liberally

When an article gives you that “Aha!” moment or speaks to your current circumstances, don’t forget to click the save icon to add that article to your saved posts on LinkedIn. Building up your stash of meaningful posts, sound advice and memorable moments allows you tap into the knowledge you’ve already deemed worthwhile. Use saved posts to motivate you through challenges or spark creative solutions.

Saving is also a sincere form of flattery for creators of content you value. It tells LinkedIn the post inspired their audience. So if you appreciate someone’s updates in your feed, save their articles as a way of saying thanks! They’ll be notified and encouraged to keep sharing their wisdom. Everybody wins.

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