Our Taplio review

Taplio Review: Best LinkedIn Growth Tool in 2024?

Our Verdict Taplio is an excellent all-in-one tool for LinkedIn growth, letting you schedule your posts and generate AI content which helps with the ideation…

Our Taplio review

Our Verdict

Taplio is an excellent all-in-one tool for LinkedIn growth, letting you schedule your posts and generate AI content which helps with the ideation process, with an addition of a CRM feature that lets you look up contact details based on your preferences. 

You need to build your audience, make captivating posts, and find the right leads to succeed on LinkedIn. It can be a tough and time-consuming process for sure.

When we discovered Taplio, it quickly became a go-to assistant when it came to creating and scheduling LinkedIn posts, as well as finding leads on LinkedIn.

In our Taplio review, we will take a look at its main features, and why Taplio is one of the best tools for LinkedIn growth today!


✅ Enormous amount of LinkedIn growth tools

✅ Ease of use

✅ Surprisingly good prospecting features

✅ Many AI use cases

✅ Scheduling tools are a timesaver


⛔️ Steep pricing

⛔️ AI-generated content has its limitations

Main features

We will take a look at each feature Taplio has to offer, and it has a bunch of features – so buckle up, and let’s dive in!

My Stats

The "My Stats" panel on Taplio.

This feature lets you check the high-level statistics of your LinkedIn profile. You can filter them by periods and share these numbers to your network if you are especially proud of them.

Here, you can see the growth chart of your follower count.

It also has a module that allows you to track your follower growth through a line or bar chart. This enables you to monitor where your growth has spiked, and what could have been the trigger behind that. Keep in mind that followers and connections are not the same on LinkedIn, which we have explained in great detail.

Detailed post performance panel on Taplio.

You can also see the performance of each LinkedIn post based on different metrics. A button in the final column lets you repurpose the same post using AI, which comes in handy when repurposing content. 

My Queue

Here is how the "My Queue" window looks like in Taplio.

With this feature, you can create and schedule LinkedIn posts in a queue. This is a feature that LinkedIn already has (not with such eye candy, though), so what does Taplio add up to the scheduling feature to justify its price tag?

It adds re-queue, and shuffle sub-features, as well as the possibility to edit your post schedule.

Re-queue, as its name suggests, re-queues each post you create according to your new post schedule, which eliminates manual work.

Shuffle shuffles all of your content and pushes it to the top of the queue, which is a cool feature if you are unsure of what posts you want to prioritize.

You can edit your post schedule in Taplio as well.

You can edit your post schedule to different times of day, which makes it more automated and convenient than manual scheduling on LinkedIn. These are all useful features that can save time if you are willing to invest at least 39$/month for them.

AI Content Generation

AI content generation is one of the features many people flock to on Taplio.

Most people who invest money in Taplio are interested in its AI content generation features, that can help you create LinkedIn posts and overcome writer’s block, like in the screenshot above.

This feature uses GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 models. Presumably, the pricing of this tool is a bit hefty since Taplio gives you a set amount of GPT-4 credits each month, rather than forcing you to connect to OpenAI API and use your credits, which some tools do.

You can choose between different GPT models for AI generation on Taplio.

You can also switch between these two AI models, with GPT-3.5 being faster but less witty, and GPT-4 slower, but more witty. Sometimes, you will need to wait for 30-60 seconds for the output to complete with GPT-4. Additionally, you can use a slider to adjust the AI content generation to be more conservative or creative with ideas. Something similar to Bing Chat. 

Here is a sample output of an AI-generated post in Taplio.

This feature has an integrated AI chat designed to give you more suggestions. There is also an action library that showcases all the handmade prompts that you can use.

Taplio also has a library of AI commands.

This is a very cool sub-feature, as it can help you fine-tune the LinkedIn post further. With all that in place, don’t expect your LinkedIn posts will magically be human-written pieces of content from the get-go. You will still need to fine-tune your posts on your own if you want to sound like yourself – or your brand. Still, AI content generation is very useful for ideation, especially during those days when you lack ideas.

All of this is great for the convenience factor, but honestly, you could easily make these prompts on your own in ChatGPT for a smaller monthly subscription as well. Taplio just packages it very well in a gorgeous UI as well.

Content Inspiration

Taplio also has a different AI content generation module that helps inspire your content pieces. All of this content is based on the topics and descriptions you specified when creating the Taplio account.

This feature is divided into 9 sub-features:

  • Generated For You
  • Post Generator
  • Hook Generator
  • Carousel Generator
  • Repurpose Content
  • Viral Content
  • Search-mode
  • Industry News
  • My Saved Content 

Let’s check out how each of them works!

Generated For You

"Content generated for you" screen.

This sub-feature generates post ideas based on your account topics and description. In this case, it is SEO and link building. Taplio generates 6 ideas and you can immediately add them to your queue or choose to edit them. If you want to edit these posts, you can use the AI prompt library to make it easier. You can also export these ideas in a CSV file, which is handy.

Post Generator

You can give custom instructions to your posts in Taplio as well.

Now this is a sub-feature we like. You give your custom instructions on what the post should be about, and then you fine-tune the format, tone, angle, and structure of it, based on the available tags. This can be a huge time-saver.

Let’s see its output:

Here is the GPT 3.5 output.

If you use the GPT-3.5 model, it will make some factual mistakes, so it is a given that you still need to edit the post on your own. 

Let’s see if using the GPT-4 model will make the post factually correct:

GPT4 output.

Disappointingly, even the more powerful GPT-4 model cannot get its facts straight. With this in mind, edit your posts even after AI generation to avoid such mistakes.

In this case – SGE means “Search Generative Experience”.

Taplio’s AI generation can struggle if you delve into some technical topics that require specific terms. Honestly, this isn’t the fault of the tool, that all goes on the limitations of the GPT generative model. This means as this model improves, Taplio will as well.

Hook Generator

Hook generator is a cool feature that Taplio has.

One study on LinkedIn ads found that having an effective hook can increase CTR by 50%, so this feature can be a possible winner. 

You input what the post should be about and Taplio outputs 6 hook ideas for you. Writing hooks for your LinkedIn posts can be exhausting, so having this is a welcome addition to the strong tool stack that Taplio offers. 

You can also add these hooks to the post composer and then tell AI to input the post after that on its own, which is a time-saver.

Still, nothing stops you from doing this on your own with some custom prompts in ChatGPT, even with a free version.

Carousel Generator

Carousel generator feature on Taplio

The carousel generator sounds like a very promising feature. Allegedly, it can use YouTube videos and other links to create LinkedIn carousels. You also have a range of options to customize your carousel, such as:

  • Setting fonts
  • Adding your headshot and name
  • Choosing the colors for the carousel
This is the video example we are going to use for carousel generator feature.

Let’s see if this feature works as intended. I will use this SEO prediction video to create a carousel from YouTube first:

Carousel output

Honestly, the output is pretty barebones from the actual value perspective. It just condenses facts from the video or web page and does its best job to give a summary, with mixed results.

All in all, the carousel generator feature is still new, and it shows. We believe it can be a great place for ideation, but not for generating actual full-scale carousels. Custom ones are still more useful to do.

Repurpose Content

You can repurpose content into posts with Taplio as well.

This is a handy sub-feature that helps you water down long-form content pieces into a LinkedIn post format. It works fairly well, mainly because it doesn’t rely 100% on AI to get facts. 

As the facts are already on the page itself, the AI’s job here is to crawl the page and generate the LinkedIn post based on what it thinks is the most important information. You can repurpose videos and Web articles, which give you quite a sizable playground.

We will repurpose a video as an example.

Straight from the start, we notice some limitations, in this case – voice-intensive videos less than 15 minutes long. Let’s see the result from a sample video:

Example of a repurposed content.

The output is factually correct and performs the goal of this sub-feature well. Taplio works the best when it’s not riding on AI’s back completely, but has an actual data source that you can control.

Viral Content

Viral content is a cool Taplio feature.

This sub-feature collects the posts based on the topics and keywords you follow. It is a cool inspiration module, although you will need to cut through the noise, as the posts won’t always be 100% related to what you want to write about.

You can choose between conservative and wild variations.

You can generate variations of these posts, and adjust the freedom you want to give to the AI to come up with new ideas. This also helps avoid plagiarism.

Available filters for viral posts feature in Taplio.

There are also a couple of filters, although we would like if there was an engagement filter to filter out posts that are not engaging enough.

Search Mode

Search mode in Taplio.

Search Mode is fundamentally similar to the previous sub-feature in a way that it finds the posts based on your keywords. The big difference here is that you have the engagement filters to play around with.

Here are some advanced filters as well.

Not sure why crypto is hated here, but having the filter for likes and publish dates can keep the list feel relevant and fresh.

Here is the Search mode output in Taplio.

As with the previous module, you can repurpose and save the posts, which can come in handy if you want to emulate the success of the big players in your industry.

Industry News

Industry news feature from Taplio allows you to repurpose popular news from your niche.

Industry News is a cool sub-feature on paper:

  • Finds the news from your industry, based on your profile topics and keywords.
  • Allows you to give your point of view, either agreeable or disagreeable.

But I can already find some flaws, like some random topics that are not relevant, like a person’s net worth, when I am interested in SEO and link building topics.

The point of view sub-feature depends on the ability of the AI model to understand the topic, so it is best used as a jump start for an opinion piece.

My Saved Content

Your saved content feature on Taplio

My Saved Content has two tabs: “Staff Picks” and “My Collections”.

Staff Picks immediately gets our critique because it has only 7 categories, which aren’t inherently tied to your niche, although these could be inspirational for some.

Saved posts example Taplio

My Collections tab is a list of saved posts, which you can embed on your site as well, or repurpose as you please.

Prospect Database

Prospect database Taplio

This feature is very nice, as it allows you to search Taplio’s database for leads or people to engage with.

You can search either with an AI prompt or a manual search. In the screenshot, we have an AI search recreated as a manual search.

Let’s see the results:

Here is how a prospect list looks like in Taplio.

The output is a list of people tailored to your filter with different columns. There is also a possibility to create contact lists. The thing we would love to have here is the possibility to export this data in CSV, as working in Excel or Google Sheets with their formulas and filtering would be more empowering.


You can save and refine all the prospects into a contact list in Taplio.

This feature lets you create lists of leads in a visually pleasing way. You can also look up emails, which is an awesome feature.

With that in mind, you can also find email addresses on LinkedIn.

Another cool sub-feature is creating icebreakers with AI, which can help inspire those dreaded first messages. You can export these lists into CSV, which is great as well.

Here is a contact list example in Taplio.

The Contacts feature also allows you to add people to a list based on:

  • Manual entry
  • Sales Navigator search
  • People who liked or replied to your post

The main disadvantage here would be that there is no possibility of adding specific accounts in bulk, which we imagine some users would like to do for email lookup and similar tasks.

Contact panel in Taplio

Each contact has its panel where you can see their industry, your icebreaker, and which lists they are in. You can also add personal notes tied to the contact, or send a DM to them, which are all useful features packed in a visually delightful package.


Outreach module in Taplio

This module feels a bit barebones, especially when 90% of Taplio’s features have AI integrations, and this one doesn’t. It would be cool to have an icebreaker AI feature here, especially for inspiration. Having some email or LinkedIn message templates could be cool as well.


Engage module in Taplio.

This is a great feature, packed with all the sub-features you would need, considering that one of the best LinkedIn growth strategies is engaging with other people.

Here, we have three tabs:

  1. Best for you
  2. Reply to comments
  3. People
Best for you feature filters

Best for you allows you to engage with recommended posts. You can also use AI responses to write comments that add value, congratulate, or thank the creator. Additionally, there are follower, keyword, and engagement filters available to fine-tune your post selections.

Reply to comments section in Taplio

Reply to comments searches for comments on your posts and then enables you to comment on them, which can drive further engagement.

You can also scrape the posts from the people you follow on Taplio.

People module allows you to scrape the posts of your contact list and comment on them. Here are the other cool tools that can help you scrape LinkedIn profiles.

We like the Engage feature because it is well-organized, and allows you to find posts to comment and reply on without scrolling on LinkedIn to find relevant posts.

On top of that, AI integration allows you to comment on posts in bulk, especially when you don’t have too much inspiration. Overall, this feature is a pleasant, unexpected surprise.

Taplio X Browser Extension

Taplio X Browser Extension

Taplio has a browser extension that expands the LinkedIn experience in numerous ways:

  • Showcases your LinkedIn statistics.
  • Outlines your follower growth.
  • Shows your posts with the most engagement in the last 3 months.
  • Showcases the most engaging posts of a specific LinkedIn profile.
  • Outlines the best-performing posts from your network.
  • Showcases high-performing posts inside your topic or industry.

Taplio Leaderboard

LinkedIn Growth challenge from Taplio

Taplio currently has a growth challenge with the following rewards:

Here are the awards from the Taplio challenge.

To join, you need to download the Taplio X extension, connect it to your LinkedIn profile, and start posting on LinkedIn. Impressions, likes, and comments contribute to your score, with a daily streak giving extra points.


Taplio integrations

Taplio has integrations with two apps created by the same team:

  • Tweet Hunter: allows you to post on Twitter using Taplio
  • lemlist: allows you to push leads from Taplio, and use AI to book meetings and try to close deals with them.

It also has a Zapier integration that allows you to connect Taplio with other apps. Some interesting integration cases are:

  • Publish new Taplio posts as Facebook Pages page posts
  • Create rows in Google Sheets for new Taplio-published posts
  • Create new HubSpot engagements when Taplio receives engagement data 


Taplio pricing table

Taplio has three pricing plans:

  • Starter
  • Standard
  • Pro

The main benefit of Taplio’s pricing is that all of the plans have a 7-day free trial. This is awesome to see, as that lets you see if the tool is the right fit for you.

Here is what each plan gives you in a nutshell:

  • Starter Plan: LinkedIn analytics, post inspirations, and post scheduling for 39$/month.
  • Standard Plan: everything from the Starter plan along with AI content generation, chat assistant, relationship building features, and the ability to share your account with team members or clients for 52$/month,
  • Pro Plan: all the features from the Standard plan with an addition of a database with over 3 million LinkedIn accounts and a scale-up of the limits for relationship-building and AI features for 149$/month.

Honestly, the pricing is a bit steep, especially if you already use Sales Navigator for lead generation, which makes the Pro plan quite expensive. Starter is a bit costly considering that you don’t get AI features, so Standard is the most balanced option here.

Keep in mind that each AI output consumes 1 AI credit. You get 250 credits/month for Standard and 5,000 credits/month for Pro. Also, there are post reply credits – 100 credits/month for Standard and 500 credits/month for Pro.

Still, AI features are not so “bread-cutter” to validate that price, especially when you can do most of this on your own for a fraction of the price with a ChatGPT 4 subscription.

Almost forgot to mention that you get a 30% discount on annual plans.

My take on pricing: 

As a user who needs Taplio to grow my personal profile, I find Starter as a great value proposition. Detailed analytics that helps you repurpose content, post inspiration that helps you generate more content that already performed well and a simple content scheduler is all I (and many users) might need.

Customer support

Customer support Taplio

Although Taplio has an extensive knowledge base and tutorials for many use cases – its support usually links to the specific help articles from during the chat. I had a few conversations with their support to help me decide which subscription I’d need for my use case, and I was genuinely surprised at how it went. You can contact their support via live chat or email.

Their customers have polarizing opinions regarding their customer support:

Negative review for Taplio.
Positive review Taplio

External reviews

Here are some customer reviews for Taplio from G2, TrustPilot, and Product Hunt.

Very positive customer review for Taplio.
Other positive review for Taplio.
Very negative review for Taplio.
Other negative review for Taplio.

People seem to like the AI brainstorming capabilities, built-in analytics, and the scheduling capabilities.

On the other hand, people criticize its customer support and the often subpar quality of its AI output.

Taplio vs. competitors

Taplio is an all-in-one tool for LinkedIn growth that doesn’t have a lot of competition regarding complete packages. Nevertheless, we’ve found a couple of tools that can be alternatives for separate Taplio modules.

Taplio vs. PostWise


Both tools allow users to create and schedule AI-generated content tailored to LinkedIn.

Still, Taplio wins here due to being an all-in-one tool, having access to features such as post replies, sending DMs, as well as creating and refining prospect lists.

Taplio vs. Waalaxy


If your primary goal is LinkedIn prospecting, then Waalaxy is a better choice than Taplio, due to its access to email templates and expanded prospect database.

As an all-in-one LinkedIn growth tool, Taplio wins due to having more features, including all the content creation and inspiration tools.

Taplio vs. Postly


While Postly is a great tool for posting and AI content generation, it stands no chance to the complete package that Taplio offers.

Taplio: Things that I like

Sleek User Interface: the user interface makes Taplio very easy to learn and there are never too many things on the screen to make you overwhelmed.

Taplio user interface

Useful Scheduling Tool: Scheduling is a breeze with Taplio, thanks to some quality features such as adding your custom daily schedule.

AI Generation Package: Taplio’s other main selling feature is certainly AI-generated content, and there are a lot of different modules to help inspire your creative process here.

Awesome Prospecting Tool: You get a sizeable prospect database, email lookup, outreach panel, and the ability to make contact lists; which is an awesome addition.

Free Trial For Each Plan: Taplio offers a 7-day free trial for each payment plan, which gives you ample time to check if you like its feature suite.

Taplio: Things that I don’t like

AI Generation Often Is Subpar: As generative AI models are still limited, especially with facts, you will still need a hefty dose of human touch to make your LinkedIn posts stand out.

Expensive Subscription: the payment plans are quite expensive, especially when you consider the fact that you can recreate most of its AI features on your own for free, or for a ChatGPT subscription.

Carousel Generation Is Lacking: We didn’t like how barebones the carousels end up when you generate them with Taplio. There is lots of room for improvement here.

Carousel generator could use a bit more work.

Basic Outreach Feature: The outreach feature is a bit lacking, due to its lack of templates, and AI generation.

Final verdict

Taplio is currently the best LinkedIn growth tool on the market, due to its expansive tool stack. We like the tool due to its ease of use, useful scheduling and prospecting features, and a vast amount of AI generation tools that sometimes don’t work the best.

Of course, it isn’t a perfect tool, as some of its AI features, such as carousel generation, could be much better. Still, as most of these features rely on generative AI models, this will get better with time as AI models get smarter.

We would recommend this tool only to people who are serious about their LinkedIn profile growth, as the steep monthly subscription might be too much for hobbyists. Still, there is a free trial if you want to try out all of its many features for a week.

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