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20 Instagram Reel Ideas for Businesses to Grow Fast

Here are 20 IG reels ideas for businesses to increase brand awareness, boost revenue, and promote exposure on Instagram.

Instagram is a place where a new culture is formed, horizons expand and creative approaches to familiar things appear. As a platform, Instagram enables people to discover what’s new and what’s next.

Using Instagram for business can increase brand awareness, boost revenue, and promote brand exposure. It’s an excellent idea to look for customers where they’re already spending time. The Instagram platform will help you to share your cultural values, keep up with global trends and draw attention to your products to expand your brand’s influence. 

If you are already leveraging the platform but would like to improve your reels content to scale your brand growth, you need to be active and post reels regularly. But what reels to create if you are a business owner? No worries!

We got you covered and prepared the list of 20 cool and easy Instagram reels ideas for businesses.

Now, let’s dive into the Reels world! 

ig reels ideas for businesses

What are Instagram Reels?

If I say that IG Reels are your super tool to grow organically on Instagram, would you believe me? But, that’s true: Instagram reels are not only fun short videos everyone is checking on Instagram, but are a great instrument for organic growth. Instagram Reels are full-screen, vertical video clips on Instagram that typically include audio clips and visual effects, but a well-composed reel is a combination of 2 essential ingredients: the right content for the appropriate audience and the usage of the current trending music for it.

There are multiple ways to find worthy content and isn’t less important to select trendy music while making reels. You can either use the music from Instagram’s music collection or add your own audio, voiceovers, or special effect sounds to your clips. You can get some inspiration by looking for other reels that use a certain song by searching for it or getting the most viral IG Reels songs on our blog. 

Where to find Reels? There is now a Reels tab on Instagram, similar to the TikTok platform, it shows Reels from other well-known and trendy Instagram accounts in addition to those which you follow. 


Features like Remix and comment replies in Reels will help you engage new and existing customers.

How to Use Instagram Reels for Your Business?

Marketers use Instagram Reels to grow their community, reach new audiences that value and support the company and brand. People’s interests extend from activities to activism to everything in between. 44% of people surveyed strongly associate Instagram with discovering local and small brands. As a brand or social commerce shop owner, Instagram is your space to find what’s trending and to develop your own ideas and share them widely. Get creative! Experiment with tools that allow you to create engaging content for your clients. And do not forget to post it on your Facebook business page too!

The Reels camera has all the tools you need to create entertaining videos right in the app. Record video in the Reels camera or use tools like Templates to borrow the structure of another reel and use it as a starting point. Experiment with effects from the effects gallery or use the stickers you know and love from Stories.

There are a few ways you can use Instagram Reels in your promotional campaign to encourage brand interactions:

  1. Create Authentic Content

While expressing your message and focusing on potential customers are crucial, generating interest in your brand’s products and building a following is also worthwhile. Find the right balance between appearing like a professionally curated video and sounding like an ad to appeal to your target audience.

  1. Balance Entertainment&Education

Reels have also been a great place to educate users, remember that thinking about your particular niche and the products your brand offers. To maximize views and brand awareness, it’s crucial to make entertaining reels as well.

  1. Highlight Products And New Releases

Using Instagram Reels to promote products can benefit brands as they create short, engaging content that highlights new releases.


Make your Reels shoppable with product tags.

  1. Reveal Offers/Promotions/Upcoming Events

Showing your offers in reels may be very profitable because it motivates potential customers to shop after seeing your message.

  1. Leverage Trends To Appeal To Your Target Audience

Jump into a trendy train! A few minutes perusing Instagram Reels will quickly reveal ongoing trends among users. You´ll find audio clips, remixed videos, or signature tracks that play in the background.

Also, make sure to haven’t forgotten any of these tips and you do: 

  • Follow Instagram Reels trends;
  • Show “behind the scenes”;
  • Start strong;
  • Tell stories;
  • Share useful information;
  • Add context and CTAs to your captions;
  • Add appropriate sound to the reel.

Make sure that you’re taking full advantage of this format by creating reels content frequently and seeing what works best for your audience.

Search Trends for Instagram Reels

There are a few ways to find ideas for reels that will work well for you, among which are. Keep reading to learn them. 

On Instagram: Visit the Explore Page

Instagram’s Explore page is a great place to begin your search for social media trends (and discover new accounts in the process!).

The Explore page, which is determined by the Instagram algorithm, shows top posts from accounts that have generated higher user engagement. To start learning from the masters of social media the best way to become competitive in the market!

It’s a good idea to participate in Instagram reels trends while they’re at their greatest popularity, thus you’ll take advantage of every opportunity to build your online community and the Instagram algorithm will love you.

Instagram explore page

For those who have time and desire, there is another platform that often is considered as an IG twin to setting trends. Staying up to date on current TikTok trends is also a good idea since many IG Reels trends appear there first.

trending page on TikTok
Source: Tiktok trending page

The trending page on TikTok is a fantastic resource since it shows a variety of viral videos and lets you see how other brands are interpreting them. You can find content from global users, simply by noticing how many times the trend has been used so far.

Similar to Instagram’s Explore page, the TikTok trending feature is a key method of account discovery. Take advantage of current TikTok trends, and you could even see your account featured!

Watch Videos by Other Creators

Watching videos by other creators is a great way to identify trends and have a brainstorming session for upcoming content ideas, especially when it comes to finding trending sounds. When scrolling through Reels, listen for content patterns: the same songs or audio clips over and over? This is it! They’re on their way to becoming popular trends! 

popular Instagram hashtags can guide potential customers to your account

Using popular hashtags can help Instagram algorithms to categorize your content and guide potential customers to your accounts. As a result, your account will grow in a right way and connect you with like-minded people who share your ideas.

Check out the hashtags used in reels that appear on Instagram’s Explore page.

Following pages that update about trendy reels

@karbrulhart posts tutorials about Instagram Reel Trend’s;

– Visiting accounts like @brock11johnson or @jtbarnett for Reel’s tips and tricks;

research trends by following pages that update about trendy reels
Source: Brock11johnson story example

– Every week @myanichol does a new Reel about the most trending audios and sounds (the thing we won’t miss!). 

– The official Instagram account for IG Creators @creators with top ideas and upcoming trends and updates.

That’s it! We’re going to jump into 20 great reel ideas that businesses can use for Instagram business pages.

20 Reels Ideas for Instagram Businesses

1. Nice to Meet You/Your Team

It’s a common thing to let people know or remind your followers who they are looking at and who stands behind the brand’s name. Ask all your team members to say a few words at the camera (their name, main role at the company, etc).

With multiple transitions, a cherished sound and plenty of smiles, you can make this type of video quite entertaining.

2. Share Your Business’ Products or Services

Your services and goods don’t exist in a vacuum, but there is always a culture, an occasion, and circumstances that surround them. Try Lifestyle Content to promote your brand, products, and services. Think about posting fantastic lifestyle Instagram reels where your brand’s personality and spirit are reflected on its full.

Don’t worry about underestimating your services with a reel. The short-form reel content creates immediate engagement which can then be complemented with longer-form content on your website.

3. Share Your Day through the IG Reel

Choosing a video format will allow you to show as much as possible and it will also have a very interesting view. Add some fun and jokes to make it viral, just like this one.

If you decide to show seriously what it looks like to be in your niche/business, then it’s also will have good results as it helps the audience to feel a little more connected to you personally.


Produce fun Instagram Reels to emphasize the post idea.

4. Show a Project from Start to Finish

To complete such a reels idea, it takes a little longer because the project’s time could range from a few days to weeks or months. An Instagram reel’s length has just been increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds long, which will help users express their most authentic selves on Reels. As a result, you’ll have enough time to express everything and make it look amazing.

5. Let Your Followers See Your Workspace

Showing on the video and ig reels how it’s working from home or going into the office, living your life, be involved online in the company’s rhythm helps you to establish more connection with your audience. 

In case you do have an offline store or office which people can visit or recognize, would be great to record it for the reel, its location, atmosphere, and the variety of products or services people can get there. Don’t forget to invite followers to visit it and see everything with their own eyes! An example is here.

Several people have gone viral online, showcasing stand-up desks with treadmills or incredible panoramic views. You can try ☺

6. Teach by Showing Quick Tips

Share your top tips or quick tips about anything related to your industry, or tailored specifically to your business and your products. Something like this: 

7. Recommend Tools or Software

Any businessman has his own list of go-to tools or software that he’s discovered one day and will never stop using as it saves time and nerves (and often money). Create a reel where you mention the tool’s description (can be added as text), main advantages, and your personal update on what you use it for. These reels ideas are one of the easiest and least time-consuming to create – simply screen record or screenshot the tools, with a music overlay and text / a voiceover and there you have it! 

Furthermore, potential clients see that they’re paying for more than just the deliverable, it’s the process and expertise, too. 

8. Unveil Hidden Features

Similar to the Instagram reel idea for sharing tools and software you recommend to use, share some of the hidden features from different tools or software that are not necessarily obvious when using them.

This reel idea will help other businesses in your industry to make the most out of the tools they use.

9. Comparison Reel, Which is Better: A vs B

Creating a brand/tool/product comparison reel helps other businesses in your industry and your consumers choose the best product which would fit their needs. Include key benefits and disadvantages of each one to make a fair comparison. It can be funny comparison reels as well, related to things your clients face: 

10. Share Before and After

The biggest engagement rate of business reels on Instagram belongs to transformation reels. Showcase the before and after results of the projects you have worked on. 

Share something you can compare publically about your brand/business and show the growth: number of followers, sales, old office and moving to a new one, new team, etc

11. Take Your Followers Behind the Scenes

Lately, it has become a popular Instagram reel idea, because e-commerce entrepreneurs stopped being afraid to reveal the secret of their success, they don’t think about someone copying them. It’s a new level when you know that you are so cool, you have your community that loves your brand, they appreciate the feeling they have when they get your service or product. Brands stopped comparing who is better, they value what they do and want other people to learn from it or show what it cost to create the thing they love. 

If you are not afraid to laugh at yourself, add a fun reel #behindthescenes just like this example:

12. Be Myth Buster

The myth buster reel is another reel idea for your business to react to common misconceptions about business specifically or about a product.

13. Expectation vs Reality Reel! 

I’m sure you have seen such videos and it won’t be hard to create your own with business or brand-related moments to bust or have fun from. Use this to shatter people’s assumptions about one part of your business or life.
Here is a great example to learn from (and quite viral by the way!)

14. Give Your Followers the Spotlight 

Show in reels your upcoming product/service or a piece of work you are about to finish to show them soon. You can also add some kind of a mystery to it leaving it without description or adding just some emoji. Create a little teaser to encourage them to come back to see the final product.

15. Share Your Business Evolution/Growth

Many businesses, if not all, have started out small and slow. Showing how your business has evolved over the years to what it is now is a great reflection on your business for other businesses to take as motivation, and for consumers to see the progression. Even if there are not many changes, some are still happening and it’s a good time to capture them. 

16. Imitate Funny Things Clients or Colleagues Say to You

Without naming names, and definitely avoiding being offensive, you can make some light-hearted reels on typical things a client may ask you to do. 

17. The Biggest Fears Reel

All people are afraid of something, some people are worried about opening a business, others are afraid of failure. Show them that you are one of them, but you have chosen to act, not to think. 

18. Customer’s Experience 

Social proof is a marketing superpower and a strong human trigger to take action. Carousel with client’s testimonials cheers to client’s results, and many other options showcase the value and build client’s trust. Use it!

19. Reel-update about the Upcoming Events 

Maybe your store and business are not just about “to buy”? If you arrange the meetings, special events, and celebrations (your brand’s anniversary for example) or release big sales, there are significant changes in your business – LET PEOPLE KNOW it via IG reels! It’s another good idea to make people visit your store more often and you’ll also get feedback about the upcoming occasion.

20. Capture Special Moments

If your business has arranged or plan to have the previous Instagram reel idea for business where your loyal customers could even have participated – you definitely have to let people remember the event forever or show others what some of them have missed, but would love NOT TO the next time.  

Final Lines

While Instagram has always been a valuable platform for businesses and marketers, Reels really create new opportunities. The format is highly engaging and it is the tool that Instagram promotes now extremely actively. So this feature still offers incredible reach and discoverability benefits that can help businesses quickly grow their audiences (organically!). Additionally, you will get valuable audience insights to use with all your marketing plan strategies.

We hope that you like the Instagram reels ideas for businesses we offered you in this post (let us know in the comment below) and that you will use them for your page!

Good luck!

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