marketing calendar 2022

2024 Marketing Calendar: High-Engagement Strategies

This calendar for content marketing includes both a list of the events of this year and content ideas for high engagement activities.

marketing calendar 2022

The most important aspect of content creation is relevancy. Christmas movies get this many views during the holiday because they are usually all about getting together, these emotions they convey to the viewers are perfectly relevant to what this time of the year is all about – getting together. When you plan your social media content, taking into account its relevancy, it increases its reach potential.

This marketing calendar offers a list of 167 marketing events for 2023. On average, there is an event almost every two days. But this isn’t just a list of events and their dates, to each event that is described below I added recommendations in the form of content ideas and engaging activities ideas. Combining these two things, creating relevant content, and keeping in mind the importance of engaging the audience is a recipe for growth.

This content calendar is practical and straight to the point guidance, it aims at helping content creators generate organic growth by planning what to post. But before starting to review the events worth creating content about this year, it’s important to prove the claim that relevancy is a key element for growth on social media.

How this social media post calendar is going to help you grow organically

When you create a relevant piece of content, it naturally and organically spreads. Therefore being relevant is an important aspect of any content marketing growth strategy. Let’s review the science behind the phenomenon of virality to verify this claim.

The article “Scientific Secrets of Sharable Content” by Buffer explains the reasons that make a piece of content viral. While the reasons are interesting and insightful, it is the conclusions that matters the most. The first two conclusions in the article are:

    1. Do your research

    1. Follow trends

By reading the recommendations in this Instagram content calendar you conduct research as well.

You can also look at the conclusion “do your research if you want to experience organic growth” in a broader perspective. It’s not only about what content to post but also about how to become a better and more professional social media manager, I talk about it further in the article on social media growth hacking.

The second conclusion, follow trends, is where this social media calendar goes into the picture. There are two types of trends to follow when planning your content for Instagram or another platform. Lets’s see the difference between them

Many trends are one-time and unpredictable, Google’s list year in trend shows the biggest trends by search volume in 2021. These events usually show a one-time peak and a drop right after, you can’t expect them to come back again anytime soon (they might will, like Pokémon Go app made the attention to these Japanese magical characters grow once again many years after it was no longer popular).

Google trends for post ideas

The search term Pokémon in Google Trends from 2004 until today, notice the peak in 2016? Pokémon Go released on July 6, 2016.

But there are so many seasonal events that you can use to predict the increase of demand in that topic. For example, take a look at this graph by Google trends that shows the worldwide searches for the word “Valentines” in the past 12 months.

analysing seasonal trends for social media

The screenshot was taken on Dec 28th. You can see at the right end of the graph that the demand is starting to rise again after it already soared last year from December until its peak in February. You can confidently say that it will soar this year as well. That is exactly what makes it a seasonal trend, and in turn makes this marketing calendar a very relevant tool for you to use and follow throughout the year (you might want to consider bookmarking it as well).

Google trends for marketing research

In case you are not convinced yet, this is the trend graph from 2004 where you can see the trend repeating every year.

Throughout the year, there are hundreds of dates to celebrate or commemorate something or someone. In general there are three types of seasonal events:

    1. National and international holidays like the International Christmas holiday or the American 4th of July

    1. Annual awareness events like the International cancer awareness day or the Scottish shortbread day (I personally love shortbread!)

    1. Annual cultural events – Like the Superbowl or the Oscar night

And there are so many of them: Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, National Pizza Day, Earth Day. And many others are raising dates that generate interest in people, interest which you could turn into engagement on social media.

Let’s discover what the new 2023 year prepares for you!

eCommerce Holiday Calendar

1. Bookmark this page or save its link so you could come back to it throughout the year.
2. Choose only the events that are relevant to your target audience, we have created this list to shorten your research time. But we do not recommend making content to every single event, only to the ones that are relevant for your audience.

Post Ideas for Q1 January – March

Q1 is a good time to evaluate the changes that happened in social media in the past year. Does your plans for the new year align with the changes that happens in the market? For example, are you taking a part in the fastest growing channels and using the best performing formats?

For example, in September 2021 TikTok said it reached 1 billion active users per month. Having said that, according to Social Media Perth 87% of Gen Z TikTok users who have used Instagram reels agree with the statement “Instagram Reels is basically the same as TikTok.”

Instagram post calendar for January

Instagram post calendar for January

1st January – New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day promotion can be a great end of the year or a wonderful beginning. Your Instagram content should be mainly focused on the New Year’s goals, bucket lists, and challenges that your audience is expected to face this year. 

Target audience: everyone

Hashtags: #happynewyear #2023 #goals #54321 #celebrate

2nd January – Science Fiction Day

It doesn’t matter if you like or dislike sci-fi films, or books, or games franchises, but Marvel, Harry Potter, Spiderman, X-man, Star Wars have a huge crowd of fans! Just look at this random fact: with a total value of over $68 billion, “Star Wars” is the fifth-highest grossing media franchise of all time.

Target audience: Fans of the Sci-Fi genre, books, movies, games, and comics all over the world. Typically Sci-Fi fans have high correlation with being fantasy computer gamers.

Hashtags: #scifi #comics #fantasy

6th January – National Shortbread Day

Here’s a fun fact about this wonderful delight: Shortbread originated in Scotland, with the first printed recipe, in 1736, from a Scotswoman named Mrs McLintock. In case you choose to make some tasty content about this one, you can find more fun facts in here

Target audience: Scottish people, baking fans, sweets lovers, people who are interested in diet (you can share, for example, a gluten-free recipe)

Hashtags: #delight #baking #scotland #cookies

13th January – National Sticker Day

Stickers have been with us since our childhood, today with social media they have a new, interesting and exciting meaning. They are so cool they got a day to celebrate them. Here is an idea for you: learn how to create a GIF sticker and make one that is related to the message of your brand. Then, share it with your followers

Target audience: artsy people, families with kids, content creators

Hashtags: #stickersofinstagram #stickersaddict #gifideas

15th January – National Hat Day

National Hat Day is an excellent chance to talk about our… heads. From what we put on top (a hat) to how important it is to keep what’s inside (the brain). Don’t forget to waer a hat when you go outside to the sun!

Target audience: People with awareness to healthiness fashionistas, travelers

Hashtags: #hatday #wearahat #travelhat

17th January – Blue Monday

From Wikipedia: “Blue Monday is the name given to a day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) said by a UK travel company, Sky Travel, to be the most depressing day of the year.”

One of the theories says that around 15 years ago, a psychologist at Cardiff University was creating a formula to uncover when people are most likely to book a holiday. They concluded that the gloomier they felt, the more likely they were to book a flight to somewhere sunny. Brands all over the world target Blue Monday for their social media and marketing campaigns, in an attempt to spread some joy during the post-Christmas lull.

For you, this is a chance to speak to your followers about happiness and about how to increase it in life, in general. Consider sharing with them some facts from the latest reserach on happiness, for example.

Target audience: This topic can fit almost anyone, universally. But it would fit bests as content for people who are open to discuss emotions and personal growth.

Hashtags: #behappy #gloomday #bluemonday #happiness

17th January – Martin Luther King Jr Day

In the first 10 days of June 2020 the #blacklivesmatter movement got 4 times the amount of engagement it got in the entire year of 2019 (as far as I know, the movement carying this exact name didn’t exist in 2019 by content related to it existed) . Here are the top quotes by Martin Luther King which you can use for your content in his memorial day.

Target audience: People who are interested in politics, minorities of any kind (the message of being a minority is universal)

Hashtags: #freedom #blacklivesmatter #equality #values

23rd January – National Pie Day

Non-profit organization called the American Pie Council (really?!) preserves the American pie-loving tradition via hobbies and commerce. It’s an opportunity to prepare some tasty pie recipes and designs for your foodie-audience and anyone who enjoys a tasty pie. Yummy time indeed!

If you’re a local business, that’s your chance to find the nearest pie eating competition (or attract customers by hosting one yourself)

Target audience: Food fans, baking fans, sweets fans, sport fans (because of the pie eating contests)

Hashtags: #americanpie #piecontest #sweet #yumm

24th January – Global Compliment Day

It’s time for some positive vibes. This initiative was created in the attempt to create the most positive day of the year (right behind you, Christmas). I don’t know what about you, but I find it cute, it actually makes me smile – maybe it’s already working!

Target audience: Self development, small businesses (who can use it for their customers), meme fans (who could use some laugh in this day)

Hashtags: #goodvibes #thinkpositive #thankyou

26th January – Australia Day

Personally, this day isn’t for me. It’s all about BBQ (I’m vegan), fireworks (It makes my dog cry) or performances (well, I’m OK with this one) – But if you have Ausie followers, you should definitely take part in it and mark this day on your Instagram post calendar. 

Target audience: Quite obviously, people from Australia.

Hashtags: #ausie #australia

26th January – National Spouse’s Day

It’s the spouse’s day, partners day, couples day – call it as you wish. You probably wonder what is the difference between this day and valentines day which comes a few days later, I was wondering the same thing and this article answered my question: this one is all about looking together at the journey you went through as a couple.

Target audience: couples, lovers, people who engage with content about relationships.

Hashtags: #lifegoals #growoldtogether #couplegoals

27th January – Chocolate Cake Day

Pretty straight forward this day, isn’t it? Here are fun facts about chocolate cakes you can share with your followers.

Target audience: Food fans, baking fans, chocolate fans. Everyone basically.

Hashtags: #chocolate #sweetday

31st January – Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards occasion is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness. Follow the flow and create a giveaway contest, so someone from your audience will become rewarded as a real star.

Consider asking your fans to vote by liking and commenting who they think should win, you’ll need to get your hands on the lists of nominates ahead of time.

Target audience: musicians, glam fans, pop music fans

hashtags: #grammyawards #musicianslife #musicaddict

Content calendar for February

Content calendar for February

1st February – Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger)

One of the 12 traditional zodiac animals is attributed to each year. 2022 is the tiger’s year, so take it into consideration while choosing your content. Some other things which are also popular at this time are: tea, candies, clothes and hats, toys. 

What could the image of the tiger represent for your audience? Here is one explanation, can you think of others?

Target audience: the East Asian and the Southeast Asian communities, people around the world who follow the Chinese zodiac

Hashtags: #tigeryear #yearofthetiger #strong


My entrepreneurial journey and experience in digital marketing started from building the dropshipping software DSM Tool. So this tip is for those of you who are selling products online, for example by using the dropshipping business model, this time of the year tends to impact shipping times for products that are shipped from China. Make sure to prepare for the Chinese new year.

1st – 28th February – LGBT History Month

Notice that this isn’t the pride month which is famous for its pride parades. The history of the LBGT+ community is not the celebration of freedom but the time where the the community and its supporters (I’m an allay too!) bring up to awareness the historical struggle of the community to gain civil rights.

Actually, still today it is more relevant than ever to take part in these events, death paneity for being gay is still practiced in various countries around the world. When you approach making content on this topic get knowledgeable by reading about the LGBT+ community’s history

Target audience: LGBTQIA+ community and its allays. Notice that if your audience comes from a country or a community where gay rights does not exist you should consider how you share this important information so it will be done in a way that is considered respectful and informational, that would be the only way to gain impact.

Hashtags: #lgbt+ #civilrights #itsoktobegay #gayrights

1st – 28th February – Black History Month

Similar to the LGBT+ community, the black community in North America and its allays use this time to bring to awareness the struggle and journey it went through from slavery to Yaining civil rights. Use this month to share historical facts and knowledge and to support this cause.

You can, for example, commemorate achievements by African-Americans in US history. There are wonderful facts and incredible visuals you can share to create impact with your audience, you will both support an important cause and generate high engagement.

Target audience: Mostly, but not only, people in North America. If most of your followers aren’t American, make sure you explain terms that you use that might not be popular in other countries.

Hashtags: #blacklivesmatter #civilrights #humanrights #oneworld

2nd February – Groundhog Day

Oh yes. This cute little creature has an entire day just for itself. So here is how it works: the tradition says that during that day you should go out to observe groundhogs. If they are emerging from their burrows on this day and see their own shadow due to clear weather, they will retreat to their dens and winter will persist for six more weeks. If they does not see their shadows because of cloudiness – spring will arrive early.

I am not trying to be a party pooper, but it was tested scientifically (really? who approved the budget for this research?) and was found to be a false claim. That doesn’t stop people all over the United States (mainly in Pennsylvania) and Canada observe this holiday, which you can read more about here. I guess I would do it too, it’s a fairly cute animal to watch after all.

Target audience: Animal lovers, nature lovers, travelers, and of course people from Pennsylvania and the areas near it that actually observe this holiday

Hashtags: #springisnear #futureteller #supersticious

4th February – World Cancer Day

In 2020 my family joined the statistics when my mother started a chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. If she wouldn’t get tested every single year (and in the past few years twice a year) and would find about it even one year later, she might have not survived it. The awareness to the importance of catching it early saved my own mother, this day is all about bringing to awareness the importance of getting regularly tested.

Target audience: There are things to do or to monitor at any age range so there is necessarily something that is relevant for your audience no matter in what age group they are. Even if you feel that your account isn’t relevant for promoting awareness for cancer, there is always a way to do it. Let me use a radical example, even a funny memes account like 9GAG can post a funny joke that is related to doctors, hospitals or even early death just to mention in the captions “Don’t get there, go get checked”. Surprise your audience and you’ll get surprised with increased engagement

Hashtags: #beatcancer #earlydetection #savealife

4th – 20th February – Winter Olympics

The games will draw large crowds of sports fans and supporters. This time the Olympic games will take place in Beijing, here is a list of most successful nations in the winter Olympics at all times and the fastest results reached in the history of the winter Olympic games. Could your followers predict which country will bring the most medals back home and what records will break?

Target audience: sports enthusiasts, people from the most successful countries list, ski travelers, people who are interested in China and Asia, people who are interested in personal achievements and personal development

Hashtags: #beijing2022 #winterolympics #goldmedal

5th February – World Nutella Day

I think that nothing have ever made the Nestle management happier than Sara Rosso’s decision in 2007 to start celebrating the Nutella day (well, except the end of the year bonus checks). This is the deam of every brand owner.

Sara also happens to be the director of product marketing at Hubspot, a company that is famous for its digital marketing skills. Which makes it quite brilliant for Hubspot as well, who are earning mentions when talking about this day. They have earned this mention as well, and they have a great blog that discussed inbound marketing in case you’re interested in a good read.

Back to Nutella day, you can learn all about it in here

Target audience: Food fans, sweets fans, funny content readers, interesting facts readers etc.

Hashtags: #nutelladay #sararossso #nestle

6th February – Yorkshire Pudding Day

Never heard of it before writing this article, definitely never tasted it. But here are some fun facts about Yorkshire pudding to share with your followers

Target audience: Food and baking fans, people who are interested in the British culture.

Hashtags: #puddingday #baketoday #funbaking

9th February – National Pizza Day

350 slices of pizza are being eaten in the United States every… can you guess it?… second. So here are 49 more facts to share with your audience on that day.

Target audience: There are so many audiences this could fit to, from gourmet food lovers to stoners to vegans who misses their pizzas and desperately look for a good cheese replacement (that’s me!), just make sure to set the time of the posts to the evening hours to gain higher engagement when people might actually consider ordering a pizza.

Hashtag: #pizzaday #ilovepizza #pizzafacts

13th February – Super Bowl LVI

The biggest sport event of the year in the United States is not all about sports. Who acts in the half-time show, who sings the American anthem and even what is the most expensive commercial are all hot topics around this date. Join the party and gain some engagement too.

Target audience: Sport fans, fans of the musicians and actors that participate in the shows, people who are interested in the business world, marketers (that’s us!)

13th February – Galentine’s Day (the platonic relationships holiday)

It really doesn’t matter that it was created by a fictional character, it did not stop it from becoming viral. The internet is full of Galentine’s Day party ideas, because the day after there is so much emphasis on romantic relationships that what about our platonic ones?

Obviously, it is Cosmopolitan that explains this holiday in the best way. It is only somewhat common, making it an opportunity for you to gain interest and engagement from your followers and fans a second before Valentines, while everyone are already focused on talking about couples-only, you can stand out with some platonic celebration.

Target audience: If you have ay plans to post anything about Valentines, this holiday is relevant for your audience just as well.

Hashtags: #BFF #friendship #besties

14th February – Valentine’s Day

Candies and chocolates, greeting cards and flowers, jewelry and much more stay on the top during this most tender holiday! It is time for romantic attributes and inspirational ideas on this day are expected to generate higher engagement. 

Target audience: Some would say couples, but I say don’t forget the singles who are looking at couples hoping for their own good fate.

Hashtags: #love #bemyvalentine #iloveyou

15th February – Single Awareness Day

After the platonic friendships and the romantic relationships, we can’t leave the singles behind. People pamper themselves and their friends or celebrate, together, being single.

Gain engagement by giving attention to your single fans, it’s a great time to make them feel good (even if you do it with witty jokes). After all, being single is also fun – you have so much more time to party!😉

Target audience: Single people, but let’s not forget we all have a single friend we could potentially tag in a post we see (make your followers do that and you’d enjoy great organic reach)

Hashtags: #singleandhappy #icanstillparty #singlegoals

17th February – Random Act of Kindness Day

 It’s an especially good time for kindness and inclusivity marketing campaigns. It’s a good time to share with your followers scientifically proven facts on the benefits of doing good deeds.

Target audience: Good people. And there is, eventually, some good in all of us.

20th February – Love Your Pet Day

Everyday is a day to love your pets (if you have one, go and give them some attention right now and then come back and keep reading). And while every day is a good day to love your pet, February 20 gives your fans an official reason to engage by sharing images of adorable pets, tagging their own pet accounts if they have one or their favorite petfluencer account.

Oh, yes, in case you didn’t know – there such a thing as Petfluencer, and there are so many of them that they are even ranked by Statista.

Target audience: pet owners and animal lovers (you might not own a pet but still, legitimately, wish you could)

Hashtags: #petsofinstagram #mypet #petslove

21st February – The Canadian Family Day

Worldwide, the Family day is celebrated on March 6th (though it isn’t as popular as the Women’s day on the 8th). Weirdly, that is not the case not in Canada. I really tried to understand why but the Wikipedia article on the topic wasn’t very helpful so in case you’re Canadian who knows about this tradition, enlighten us in the comments below.

Target audience: Not only Canadians but also people who might find this fun-fact interesting and people who might find jokes about Canada funny (though finding a funny joke that contain both the topic “family” and “Canada” might be slightly challenging)

21st February – President’s Day

February 22nd, 1732 was a cold day in Virginia. Not for the Washington’s family though, the first child of Marry and Augustine Washington was born, his name – George. The Georgi Washigton’s birthday, aka president’s day, is a national American holiday used to honor the constitution of the united states of America and the presidential and federal system built and preserved since its first president, George Washington that is.

Target audience: People who are interested in American history, people who might find the complex aspects of the American wars throughout history interesting for good and bad.

Hashtags: #USA #constitution #happybirthdaygeorge

27th February – National Retro Day

Retro designs or old-fashioned products will take your audience back to a period before Instagram, iPhone selfies and Netflix. It’s time to go into the time-back machine and celebrate the retro, the vintage, the good old memories.

Target audience: A good day for fashionistas, but retro is not only what we wear, it’s anything that can generate a nostalgic feeling, like this list of 50 things only kids from the 90-s will remember that is relevant for me (I was born in 1990 and definitely had a Tamagotchi).

Hashtags: #90s #throughback #goodmemories

Marketing Calendar for March

Marketing Calendar for March

Instagram post calendar for March

1st March – Pancake Day

What is the first thing that comes up to your mind when you think of pancakes? I know, I was thinking of the same thing: confession and absolution in church! Wait… what? Yep. Pancake day is actually known better by the name Shrove Tuesday and it is a Christian holiday that is observed by many traditions, the most interesting one being eating pancakes – hence the name.

Target audience: If you produce religion related content you might want to put something out about Shrove Tuesday, otherwise this is a brilliant holday for cooking fans and it could fit many occasions simply because…. who doesn’t love pancackes?

Hashtag: #breakfest #toppings #pancakeday

4th March – National Grammar Day

Established in 2008, the Grammar day is a great opportunity to discuss not only how to write properly but also how to communicate properly. Grammarly offers fun activities to do on that day which might fit as an engagement booster to do with your followers as well.

Target audience: The immediate thought goes to language enthusiasts, but I think that people who are interested in content about relationships, especially the romantic type, will also find it interesting to consume content about how to improve our communication between one another, while working on our technical grammar skills at the same time.

Hashtags: #letstalk #communicatebetter #plainenglish

6th March – National Dress Day

How well it fits, isn’t it? moment before the International women’s day comes the… dress day. Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware of the fact that some men wear dresses as well (hey, maybe that’s exactly the type of content you want to create for that day), but generally wearing a dress is connotated with women. Like many other niche-days you can celebrate it with your followers by standing out. For example, sharing a fun fact like what is the most expensive dress in the world.

Target audience: This is a very much fashion oriented holiday

Hashtags: #wearadress #dressoftheday #dressday

8th March – International Women’s Day

In his book “the brief history of mankind” Prof. Yuval Noah Harari speaks of the longest lasting inequality in history. More than black people, more than the LGBT+ community and more than any known minority – women seems to have been discriminated for the longest. It probably explains the importance of this day, in which we celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

It’s a good time to share one of these 100 women empowering quotes

Target audience: Women would probably react in higher rates to content that is related to this day. But don’t you leave the men behind, while they might not react to messages that meant to empower the other gender, they might very well react to sexist jokes on that day. Notice that I said sexist, not chauvinistic, be aware of using inappropriate jokes on that day and choose your words carefully. Use the humor to empower your male fans to celebrate this day together with the women in their lives, by empowering them. Try to generate positive impact, if you play this wrong you will not only create negative impact but also risk becoming an outcast, an on social media becoming an outcast means negative growth.

Hashtags: #youcandoit #womenpower #ladyboss

10th March – Popcorn Lovers Day

I am not 100% sure about the origins of this holiday, but I think that it’s originated in the UK and I wonder if it has any relations to the BAFTA’s that happens only a few days later. Either way, a food that is consumed at a rate of 13 billion quarts a year worth a day of its own. Here are a few more facts you can share with your followers regarding this date.

Target audience: popcorn lovers

Hashtags: #ilovepopcorn #letitpop #movienight

13th March – BAFTA’s

It might not be as popular as the Oscars, but the British Academy Film Awards event attracted 1.9M viewers in 2021. Find the list of nominates, the movies at stake, those who are relvant for your audience can become a nice piece of content. But more important – they give you the opportunity to tag the movie’s account or actors account and possibly get your post shared with their audience.

Target audience: Anything related to culture and lifestyle, this is an opportunity to reach out and get engagement from audiences that are interested in alternative things, the British cinema offers an alternative to the repetitive elements of Hollywood and an opportunity to learn about a new local culture, it can appeal to people who see an advantage in being different.

Hashtags: #bestmovies #andthewinneris #BAFTAS2022

14th March – Pi Day

3.14159…. aka the mathematical Pi is celebrated, naturally, on March 14th. According to Wikipedia, In 1988, the earliest known official or large-scale celebration of Pi Day was organized by Larry Shaw at the San Francisco Exploratorium, where Shaw worked as a physicist, with staff and public marching around one of its circular spaces, then consuming fruit pies. How sweet, literally!

It’s the holiday of mathematics, so here are 25 fun facts about math to share with your followers

Target audience: science fans, how-to fans, engineering fans. Also, any audience of educational channels, basically any course teacher can use this holiday to discuss the importance of learning and gain credibility as an authority in its niche.

Hashtags: #314 #314159 #pisquare #learnmath

14th March – White Day

This holiday, which you might be familiar with if you’re Asian because it’s originated in Japan and spread over Asia, seems to me like the feminist answer to archived traditions of Valentines day where men gift their women. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying it with sarcasm and I support the feminist movement to gender equality, so what do I mean by that?

On March 14, exactly one month after valentines, the women in several Asian nations gifts their spouses similarly to what happened a month before! Before you jump at me for generalizing who gives who the gifts, not to mention excluding the LGBT+ community let me add a disclaimer. Since there are many kinds of relationships between many genders, this holiday is meant for giving back to the person that gifted you a month earlier.

If my controversial way of writing about what this holiday really is about activated any emotion in you, good. This shows you how interesting it can be to cover this topic, and how relevant it is not only for Asian audience but to many other audiences as well.

Target audience: First of all, people in Asia who celebrate the tradition. But the topic of “who should gift on valentines” is an interesting topic for many audiences, maybe including yours, and since on Valentines we typically focus on talking on relationships, this holiday is an opportunity for a bit more controversial conversation.

Hashtags: #genderequality #giftideas #giveback

17th March – St Patrick’s Day

Patrick, the saint, is known for two things: First, by the time of his death on March 17, 461 (yes, more than 1500 years ago) he managed to turn Ireland to Christianity as Britanica’s historical review says. Second, he is responsible for an incredible amount of Irish beer drank by so many that loves celebrating this colorful (only by many shades of green) day.

While I am not familiar with all of the traditions of this day, Oprah does, and you can be very creative with the engagement activities you can make on this day – from quizzes to challenges and giveaways (if you start a Guinness pint drinking challenge, please do tag me).

Target audience: Any audience of any brand that is banded with the color green, beer lovers, Irish culture lovers (maybe also anything Great Britain related), faith followers and people who love to party

Hashtags: #drinkapint #shamrock #stpatrick

17-18th March – Holi Festival

It’s the festival of love, the festival of color, and your opportunity to relate to one of the most incredible cultures – the Hindu culture. Its religions are different from the monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) and are known as Dualist religions where, in a sense, the balance between good and bad is the fundamental structure of the universe.

It is pretty incredible to watch pictures from its celebrations in India and it’s such a great opportunity for you to create very interesting content from colorful imagery to your discussions on lessons your followers can learn from Hinduism.

Target audience: First, Hindus across India and other South Asian countries who celebrate the holiday. But above that, this exotic holiday suggests almost any audience a connection point, especially self-development, lifestyle and alternative culture fans.

Hashtags: #lifeincolor #hinduism #holifest

20th March – First Day of Spring

Officially, around the world, this day counts as the first day of spring. There are so many spring facts that there must be something relevant for your audience, should you decide to mention this day.

Target audience: The spring is the end of the winder, any audience that is following happiness related content would appreciate a reminder that its starting. But it’s such a general topic, you can relate it to almost any audience (for example: “what is expected this spring in the tech world” can be a way to relate this topic to a tech content account)

Hashtags: #spring2022 #herecomesthesun #winterisover

20th March – International happiness day

This day is so joyful it even got a dedicated website to it. Isn’t it symbolic that this holiday also happens on the internationally accepted first day of spring? I find it to be beautiful.

Target audience: Similar to the audience of the first day of the spring, you can just choose to talk about both of them.

Hashtags: #behappy #becauseiamhappy #sharehappiness

22nd March – World’s water day

Imagine a day without water. This day has a clear environmental motive behind it, giving us as content creators an opportunity to generate strong emotions in our audience and gain engagement while making impact. There are still many people around the world with no access to clear water and it’s not only our water that is at risk, claims about the impact of global warming on the ocean or the claim of the movie Seaspiracy about over fishing (whether it’s true or not) are all water related.

If this topic is relevant for your audience, you can’t miss talking about it on the one day a year it is expected to generate the most engagement. Plus, you benefit making positive impact on the world by investing your time in making content about it, win-win.

Target audience: People who concern about the environment are the first and most relevant audience, from the vegan community to eco-friendly consumers. But I can also think of water sports people, travelers and fans of nature content (this of the people who used to, or that still watch the National Geographic channel)

Hashtags: #savewater #saveearth and even #drinkresponsibly can be used here, though it isn’t related directly

25th March – International Waffle Day

After starting the month with the Pancake day, it only make sense to finish it with Waffles. You must wonder how is it possible to relate a topic like waffles to people who aren’t interested in food recipes. The secret is in finding the right facts for your audience, for example: did you know that Nike’s first pair of shoes was made using a Waffle machine? Yes, and here are a few more facts about Waffles you can explore.

Target audience: waffle lovers, but as mentioned you should anyway look into some facts related to this day just to see if something speaks to your audience.

27th March – Oscar Night

The Oscars bring with it an opportunity for almost any audience. Just think of all of the nominated actors who might be known for something your audience is interested in, or the topics of the movies that might be relevant to your followers. For example, the new Space Jam that was released in 2021 with LeBron James is relevant for sport fans but also to people who were born in the 90s and were young kids who went to watch the first movie with Michael Jordan, even if they aren’t sport fans today.

Target audience: First of all, film lovers. But make sure to check the list if nominees to see if there is a way to relate it to your audience

Hashtags: #oscarnight #winners #bestmoviestowatch

Social Media Post Ideas for Q2 April – June

When you are starting to plan Q2, before looking into this list of holidays and planning forward, take some time to retrospect. Check your top-performing content in Q1 and the top performing content of similar accounts in your niche. It should give you a sense about what works better for your audience, so you tight the content of the second quarter to better perform.

Remember that by the end of Q2 it’s not only summer on the northern side of the globe but also winter in the southern hemisphere. Adapt your content accordingly and don’t missthe opportunity to gain engagement from people on the other half of the globe.

Marketing calendar for April

Marketing calendar for April

Content calendar for April

1st  April – April Fool’s Day

It’s time to prank your audience. Bustle shares 9 prank ideas for Instagram for April fools, and I say share in the comments of this article how did you prank your followers so the community will have even more ideas.

If you are reposting content, make sure to follow brand spoofs you could repost about.

Target audience: As long as you don’t make your prank inappropriate for your audience, this day is literally for everyone.

Hashtags: Let’s just mention the obvious: do not use the hashtag #aprilfools in the prank itself, only after!

3rd April – 1st May – Ramadan Start

The most important holiday for the international Muslim community is the Ramadan. It is a month-long fast (you eat and drink only at nightfall) celebrated by 1.6 Billion people around the globe, that’s massive! Here are a few more facts about the Ramadan you can use throughout your content.

Target audience: There is a high chance that among your followers there are Muslims, or maybe you are a Muslim yourself, it’s a wonderful curtesy to with them Ramadan Careem

Hashtags: #ramadancareem #ramadanmubarak #salam

2nd April – World Autism Awareness Day

Even as one of the most incredible phenomena on earth, being on the autistic spectrum usually comes with great social challenges. While technically we’re all on the spectrum, this day is dedicated to raise awareness of the special needs of people on the lower end of it, those who suffer the social and typically also the financial implications of being on the autistic spectrum.

One of the most interesting topics about autism is the savant phenomenon which can be used to catch attention. Just remember that savants are a small percentage of the autistic community and do not represent “what being an autistic person is”, even if you use their incredible stories make sure not to paint such a picture as if this is how autism look like for every autistic person.

P.S. Personal recommendation: In case you didn’t do so just yet, watch Netflix’s “Love on the spectrum”.

Target audience: As 1 in every 44 children in the United States are diagnosed on the spectrum, so almost everyone knows someone. People who are interested in science and health and people who are interested in amazing stories are likely to engage with this content.

Hashtags: #autismday #onthespectrum #autismawareness

10th April – Siblings Day

Yo bros. After mother’s day, father’s day and lover’s day (Valentine) comes siblings day! And can you guess what holiday comes the day after?

Target audience: Notice that this date is for the holiday in the US and Canada while the European siblings day is on May 2nd. According to Wikipedia 80% of the people in the United Stated has siblings. This means two things, first – siblings might tag each other in your content if you make it well, and second, there are 20% only childs you can speak to on this day if you want to stand out with unique content.

Hashtags: #yobro #youaremybrother #sisterz

11th April – National Pet Day

Right after the human siblings day, comes the pet siblings day. What a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the unconditional love animals provide us with when they are being kept as pets. This is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the right ways to maintain the happiness and health of your pets no matter if they are dogs, cats, birds or any of the weirdest pets in the world.

Side note: while it might look cool that people raise their own lions or work with grizzly bears who are tamed to them keeping animals who aren’t feasible for the lifestyle of your followers can cause nothing but pain to the pet owners and to the pets who’ll live miserably in a place that doesn’t fit them. You can gain a lot of engagement by posting about exotic animals, but be responsible for the animals by educating your followers on what animals might fir them and what animals are better off to being viewed only, on social media.

Target audience: Pet owners, the knowledge on how to raise a pet properly is far less popular then the information on how to raise humans properly, this can be an opportunity for you to stand out and provide unique and interesting content for an ongoing growing audience of people that own pets

Hashtags: #petlove #petyourdog #animalcare

15th April – Good Friday

This is a Christian holiday which, if you aren’t familiar with, you can learn about from Wikipedia. Among the holiday traditions maybe you could find ideas on how to interact with your customers and what content to make.

Target audience: This holiday is not observed by people who define themselves as secular, unlike Christams for example, consider if it is relevant for your audience.

15-18th April – Easter (Holy Week)

Other than being a time of eating chocolate and decorating eggs, Easter is a colorful holiday that invites content creators to go creative. Here are some eggcellent content ideas for Easter

Target audience: Easter is widely observed in Christian communities, since it usually comes together with a vacation time from schools, it is widely observed also by seculars. But becauseof it’s happy and colorful traditions, Easter is loved worldwide by people from all religions.

Hashtags: #paintanegg #easterbunny #springishere

15-24th April – Coachella Festival

The Coachella Festival is one of the most popular music festivals in the world. Actually, the entire list could have been included in this content calendar (feel free to expand your plans with other festival dates) but what’s special about Coachella is not only its size but also its timing – it is the mark of the start of the entire festival season.

The incredible footage from the festival might inspire you to make incredible content about it, or simply about celebrating art.

Target audience: Music and art fans, the festival is mostly attended by people from the US but not only. Plus, since it’s the beginning of the festival seasons your followers might appreciate a reminder to check what local festival are upcoming in their area.

19th April – Bicycle Day

This sportive day is a great day to celebrate, from talking about the importance of a healthy lifestyle all the way to the science behind fast spinning wheels. Here are a few facts you might find handy if you want to make content about this day.

Target audience: People who care about sport and healthy lifestyle, sport fans who might be interested in cycling competitions and of course science fans that might enjoy the brilliant mechanism of this macine.

Hashtags: #biketoday #goout #cycledaily

21st April – National Tea Day

Aim your posts at 4pm, tea time. No matter which of the most popular types of tea your followers might be drinking today, you can celebrate it with them by making fun activities around the topic, for example quizzing them facts about the history of the Chai Masala tea.

Target audience: Food and lifestyle followers mostly, but can you think of how tea can be related to your followers?

Hashtags: #teaday #drinktea #teatime

22nd April – Earth Day

We all live on it together, sharing the one resources we’ll all lose from ruining. The earth day is you opportunity to make impact by raising awareness to climate change in your own unique way.

Target audience: l wonder if I should say that it is the people who care about climate change that should be exposed to this content or rather people who don’t care that should be exposed to it. Remember that there is also a movement against the claims around climate change and that this topic can backfire at you if you don’t adapt the message to speak to your audience according to who they are, if you create negative feelings you hurt the engagement rate and make no impact.

Hashtags: #savetheworld #savetheearth #togetherwecan

23rd April – World Book Day

Which book could you recommend your followers to read? Well, it’s the best day of the year to do so.

Target audience: There must be at least one book that could fit your followers, right?

Hashtags: #bookday #bookoftheday #bestbooks

29th April – National Dance Day

The International Theatre Institute (a UNESCO partner) is the organizer of this day. It’s a great opportunity to let release the body motions, content around dancing could be relevant in so many ways from funny videos of epic fails to people dancing in the most incredible places in the world.

Target audience: Dancers are clearly the people to act on the content you share if you relate it to this day.

Hashtags: #moveyourbody #justdance #danceday

30th April – Honesty Day

After starting the month with April fools, April ends with the day of honesty. This isn’t a coincidence but a deliberate choice of this date which is observed since the early 1990s, here is the full story behind it in case you are interested. But honestly, this is a great opportunity for you to share your feelings with your audience if you are an influencer, maybe something they don’t know about you. If you are running a repost theme account, you can share on this day epic lies that went viral in the past few months and comment on them.

Target audience: I can’t think of any specific audience for this topic, it depends on you

Hashtags: #letsbehonest #keepitreal #mytruth

Instagram post calendar for May

Instagram post calendar for May

Content calendar for May

1st –31st May – Mental Health Awareness Month

Since the beginning of this century, mental health took a more central place in our culture especially due to the rise of social media. There are many ways to raise the awareness to the topic, and one interesting thing to consider is to promote products that when sold give to the charity some % of the purchase to charities like the Mental Health America charity, or any other charity you find.

Many brands offer on their products empowering and positive messaging – by participating in the movement to raise the awareness to menial health you get a better chance to collaborate with them.

Target audience: While I find the topic relevant for all humanity, followers of health and lifestyle related content probably has the highest change to interact with this content

Hashtags: #staysane #mindandbody #youcandoit

1st May – Labour Day (International workers day)

This is the celebration of those of us who work hard to build the world we live in. In some countries, like the post soviet union countries, this day is observed as a national holiday. Pinterest offers hundreds of activities that you might find interesting to play with your followers on that day.

Target audience: The workers of the world, but I think that there is a good chance for your followers to tag a friend that they appreciate for their hard work if you refer to that in your content

Hashtags: #workhard #playhard #youcandoit

2nd May – Early May Bank Holiday

Known as May day, this is somewhat a folk holiday originated in the UK and preserved there. A great opportunity to share content about folk culture, or simply to wish happy holiday to your followers from the UK.

Target audience: People from the UK, but possibly also folk culture fans in general.

2nd May – Brothers and Sisters Day

Similar to the siblings day in April 10th

Target audience: People from Europe

2nd – 3rd May – Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr always comes at the end of the Ramadan month where people wish each other that may god bless them with health, happiness and prosperity. It is your opportunity to say Eid al-Fitr Mubarak to your Muslim followers and tighten your connection to them.

Target audience: Muslims around the world

4th May – Star Wars Day

If you wonder “why this date?”, that’s because on that day you wish “May the 4th be with you” as a reference to the famous saying “May the force be with you”. If you and your audience dream of journeying to a galaxy far, far away, the franchise of Star Wars shares tons of activities to help you celebrate this day with your fans.

Target audience: Sci-fi fans, while start wars fans goes crazy on this day, there are many people who might find it interesting to celebrate this day by watching a movie or reading a fantasy book, it’s a good day to celebrate the world of fantasy and the human imagination.

Hashtags: #iamyourfather #cometothedarkside #skywalker

5th May – Cinco de Mayo

Creators that recognize Cinco de Mayo as a symbol of Mexican solidarity and passion will likely foster deeper connections with their followers. Remember that there is a political challenge in North America between the US and Mexico in regards to immigration, which means you might want to relate to it on that date or maybe the opposite, to make sure your content doesn’t offend your audience’s feelings.

Target audience: Mexican followers mostly, though the day is recognized and well-known all over Latin America, for example one of the main streets in Buenos Aires is called Cinco de Mayo.

6th May – National Space Day

In 2021 NASA launched on of its most complex pieces of technology to space, called the James Webb Space Telescope. This day is a great opportunity to share updates about the race of humanity to understand the universe around us, and maybe to take a moment to be grateful for the small things in life. After all, aren’t we so small as well?

Target audience: Science fans are the obvious choice, but what could the outer, enormous space, mean for your followers?

Hashtags: #earth #space #universe

8th May – Mother’s Day

She’s called mother earth, the mother of all of us. There is just something in motherhood, the ability to create life, that has so much meaning to us. A reason not only to celebrate by thanking our own mothers, but also to connect to the mother part within ourselves – what can the idea of bringing life to the world mean to your followers?

Oh, and obviously a wonderful day for yo-mama jokes for all you meme accounts out there.

Target audience: Mother‘s day is celebrated internationally, so there is no specific audience for it.

Hashtags: #ilovemom #motherearth #genesis

9th May – Europe Day

I would have asked “why does Europe need a day?” but after celebrating the Pancake and Waffle days, who am I to judge? Actually, only a few years ago (until the end of World War 2) Europe has been in a mess, war after war for centuries. The celebration in this day is of peace, of the human connection that can, eventually, go above hate. What a wonderful topic to create content around – peace.

There is so much room for piece following Europe, just look for yourself at the list of currently ongoing wars. In 2021 I myself had the opportunity to experience it myself as I was running to bomb shelters following the red alert alarms in my town in Israel. It makes me wonder if one day we could follow the steps of Europe as well, hopefully we will.

Target audience: This isn’t a day just for people from Europe, peace is a relevant topic all over the world

Hashtags: #peace #peaceandlove #humanity

11th May – National Eat What You Want Day

Let’s just say that today, the day you’re reading this, is my personal cheat day. And without a doubt, I plan to start the diet tomorrow.

Target audience: Food lovers, but it’s also a great day for fitness and lifestyle fans who you could talk to about the concept of “cheat days”, when is it right and how to do it correctly.

13th May – World Cocktail Day

Shake it, blend it, here are 30+ cocktails recipes – go wild!

Target audience: Food and lifestyle fans

Hashtags: #blendit #pinacolada #sexonthebeach

16th May – International Day of Light

The International Day of Light celebrates the role light plays in science, culture and art, education, and sustainable development, and in fields as diverse as medicine, communications, and energy. It was created by UNESCO with the goal of building the foundation for peaceful societies. 

Target audience: Science enthusiasts

Hashtags: #lettherebelight #speedoflight #physics

16th May – National Love a Tree Day

This is no joke, people actually takes selfies hugging a tree on this day. Of course, you can use this as a humoristic opportunity but also as another way to talk, this time using humor, about the importance of the forests in the existence of humanity. Maybe even consider supporting a specific cause or movement in this day within your content, but honestly, I’d just go out and hug the first tree that I see.

Target audience: People who care for the environment, travelers, people who love wild animals since many of them lives in forests.

Hashtags: #hugatree #treehugger #savetheplanet

17th May – World Baking Day

Set your inner chef free, on this day the world is celebrating the oven-made delicates that humans have been creating since thousands of years. According to Wikipedia baking started in Ancient Greece around 600 BC.

Target audience: Food fans, baking fans if you want to be more specific but I also think that it can fit as a reminder to bake something for someone you love, which is a message that fits a wider audience. Also, the niche of gluten-free baking is growing you might want to relate to that as well.

Hashtags: #bakedwithlove #bakingaddict #glutenfree

20th May – World Bee Day

Meant for raising the awareness to the important roles of bees in the ecosystem of the earth. You’d be surprised how little people know about it and how many wrong information they have about these incredible creatures, which makes it an opportunity for you to increase your authoritativeness in their eyes by sharing informative knowledge with them. But also, it’s such a great chance to celebrate the yellow-black colors, for you fashionistas out there, or the cuteness of dressing up babies with a bee custome.

Target audience: Animal lovers, people who care for the environment

Hashtags: #savethebees #savetheearth #animalcare

23rd May – Victory Day

This is a national holiday in Canada, you might want to greet your Canadian followers on this day who celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday.

Target audience: Canadians

Hashtags: #canada #queenvictoria #victoriasday

25th May – National Wine Day

Wine has already become a lifestyle, a mood. Memes and reels that include wine go viral not because of the wine, but because of the lifestyle it usually represents. You can consider it not only as a beverage but as spirit, mood, and fun. Besides, what a great opportunity to open a bottle, isn’t it?

Target audience: Food and lifestyle followers

Hashtags: #wineday #getaglass #drinktogether

29th May – National Biscuit Day

I wonder why this day isn’t just one day after the tea day, they go so well together! Anyway, here are 28 facts about these wonderful pastries.

Target audience: Biscuits are more popular in the UK and Europe, but this is only a reason to spark the interest of people around the world who might want to bake themselves an interesting new dish.

Hashtags: #bakeabiscuit #teaandbiscuit #biscuitday

30th May – National Memorial Day

In case you’re not familiar with its tradition, this federal holiday from the US is known as a shopping day with great discounts. The idea is simple, support the economy by consuming. It’s an opportunity to discuss responsible consumerism and of course to pay respect to veterans and loved ones who were lost.

Target audience: People from the US

31st May – Spring Bank Holiday

The spring bank holiday is an official day off in the UK.

Target audience: people in the UK

Eurovision Song Contest Finale, (to be announced)

This year, Eurovision will be held in Italy, be ready to engage with guessing games on who is going to win, or start a conversation about the costumes of the performers which tend to be a hot topic of the event.

Target audience: It used to be a popular event in Europe only, but it’s growing in popularity all around the world

Hashtags: #eurovision2022 #songcontest #singtogether

Content Calendar for June

Content Calendar for June

Instagram Content Calendar for June

1st June – Global Day of Parents

The global parents day is not there just for kids to appreciate their parents but also for parents to speak to each other about parenting. This challenging and yet rewarding part of our lives is an important topic that can appear in your content schedule, and it can be related to from many aspects from humoristic parenthood memes to serious conversations about child abuse statistics

Target audience: Not only the parents of today, but also the parents of the future.

Hashtags: #parenthood #fatherhood #motherhood

1st June – 30th – Pride Month

I checked, LGBTQQIP2SAA is the latest full acronym according to Duke university. With the best timing, the beginning of the summer, the celebrations of this community are among the most blissful and colorful of all. It’s the festival of love, freedom and equality.

Target audience: LGBTQ+ community and its allays, although other than celebrating the community itself this month is also aimed at educating people who aren’t exposed to the topic.

Hashtags: #itsoktobegay #prideparade #lgbt

3rd June – Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday

Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years of reign is going to be celebrated on June 3rd, the event is also known as the Platinum Jubilee and a good time to share some fun facts about the queen.

Target audience: Fans of the British royal family

3rd June – National Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day was created to honor Salvation Army volunteers who provided doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. Currently, this day is commemorated by preparing, purchasing, or simply eating this sweet delight. I see a doughnut joke coming your way!

Target audience: Same as biscuits are popular in the UK and Europe, doughnuts are mostly popular in North America. But who hasn’t tasted a doughnut anywhere? It’s all over the world.

Hashtags: #doughnut #roundandsweet #yumm

5th June – World Environment Day

The #onlyoneearth movement created around the World Environment Day by the UN explains its activities for the day in this website. It’s another day on the topic, which only shows you how strong the trend of caring for the environment is (I definitely consider myself a part of it as well)

Target audience: People who care for the environment

8th June – Best Friends Day

Mothers, fathers, siblings, even the pets got themselves day. We can’t leave our besties behind, can we? So while you think of that pillow fight you’ve had together with yours, here are 10 ways to celebrate this day to share with your followers

Target audience: If you found it relevant to create content for days like mother and father day, this day would fit as well.

11th June – World Gin Day

Before writing this article I didn’t even know that there are different types of gin. Either way, very much like in the case of the wine day, gin can be related to lifestyle and not only to food so celebrate away.

Target audience: Lifestyle fans, alcohol fans, food fans

Hashtags: #ginandtonic #ginday #drinkgin

13th June – International Children’s Day

The theme of every year’s International Children’s Day is defending children’s rights, combating child labor and child abuse. Just like June 1st parents day, this day could be a good opportunity to discuss parenthood. But more important, it can be used to increase awareness to phenomenons the world still suffers from like the fact that 1 in every 10 children in the world are in child labor, obviously mostly in third world countries. Here are a few more stats on the topic.

Target audience: It’s hard to state a specific audience this would fit to better than others.

Hashtags: #childlabor #saveachild #humanrights

14th June – American Flag Day

Not as big as the fourth of July, the American flag day is celebrated to commemorate the date of the adoption of the American flag on June 14th 1777.

Target audience: People who are interested in history, people from the US.

15th June – Beer Day

Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world! What a great bubbly drink to celebrate, have a happy chug!

Target audience: Who doesn’t love beer? Actually, this is the date of the “Beer Day Britain” which is a UK based celebration while the national beer of the United States is celebrated on April 7 but… to me it just sounds like more reasons to drink a beer – and celebrate it with your followers.

17th June – National Flip-Flop Day

According to National Day Calendar, In 2007, Tropical Smoothie Cafe created National Flip Flop Day, an “unofficial” National holiday, to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary. Every year on this date, customers who come into participating Cafe’s across the nation, wearing flip-flops, receive a free Jetty Punch Smoothie. Tropical Smoothie then gives proceeds of a $1 paper flip-flop, from customers, to send ill children and their families to Camp Sunshine.

Target audience: People who follow content about vacations, lifestyle and maybe even fashion because there is some fashion around flip flops which form time to time become a popular fashion item.

Hashtags: #flipflop #goodlife #summervibes

19th June – Father’s Day

There are many inspiring quotes about fatherhood that you could share on this day. But I think that a way to generate even more engagement, other than awesome fatherhood jokes and memes, is by opening a discussion about the role of fathers in the 21st century. Take for example the American Psychology Association perspective on the topic, if it is a discussion that can be relevant to your audience it might create a lot of engagement and positive impact.

Target audience: Definitely not only men. Same as the topic of motherhood isn’t just for women (neither are the yo-mama jokes and memes)

Hashtags: #parenting #fatherhood #dadjokes

21st June – International Day of Yoga

Sport, fitness, and yoga are popular activities for a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline. June 21st is the day to proudly wear your activewear and dedicate the time for your physical and mental health. Inspire your followers to do so as well and engage them in mutual activities.

Target audience: yogis, fitness and wellbeing enthusiasts

Hashtags: #mindandbody #yogi #fitness

21st June – Beginning of Summer

This is the official date of the beginning of the summer in the northern hemisphere.

21st June – National Selfie Day

I wonder if Instagram themselves are behind this one. Either way, here are some selfie tips to share with your followers

Target audience: It’s too hard to define an audience for selfies, on one hand younger generations are deeply in the selfie culture, on the other hand older generations might be very interested in getting started

Hashtags: #letmetakeaselfie #selfieday #howtoselfie

22nd – 26th June – Glastonbury Festival

Get yourself updated with the performers in the festival in its official website. If they resonate with your content and you can tag them in it, they might share your mention and towards the festival the artists invest a lot in growing their presence on social media to get more people to go to their show on the festival, by featuring them you create a win-win situation where you expose them and they expose you in return.

The challenge is to find the right performers to feature within your content, luckily, In addition to contemporary music, the festival hosts dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret, and other arts.

Target audience: People who go to festivals, but as mentioned if you can figure out what of the performances or performers might be interesting for your followers then there is a reason for you to create content around these dates and even mention the festival.

Hashtags: #loveofart #glastonbury2022 #musiclife

27th June -10th July – Wimbledon Starts

Wimbledon is the biggest tennis annual event in the world. In 2019 half a million people attended the games, according to this facts sheet.

Target audience: sports enthusiasts, but sports always relate also to self-development and goals in general so the winners might be a great reason for you to follow and mention the games to create interest and engagement among your followers

Hashtags: #winners #championship #finals

Content Ideas for Q3 July – September

Normally Q3 is a “quiet quarter” in terms of holidays, but it is not at all quiet in terms of cultural events. People tend to enjoy summer activities, prepare for vacations, and for going back to school. For retailers and brands that sell online, this counts as a relatively low season, but for content creators, this is the time to gain new followers and grow your average engagement levels towards Q4 which is the time of the year where most of the money is spent online.

If you’re a brand, you should prepare for the sales of Q4 by building up to it in Q3. If you are a theme account or an influencer, that’s the time to strengthen your online presence so you could close better deals in Q4 with brands that spend more money on advertising at that time.

Marketing Calendar for July

Marketing Calendar for July

Content Calendar for July

1st July – Canada Day

Not as popular internationally as the 4th of July, greeting your Canadian followers on the 1st can be a great gesture (maybe with a polite joke on Canada?)

Target audience: Canadians around the world

Hashtags: #cadanaian #canadaday #thenorth

4th July – American Independence Day

The American independence day is a celebration of democracy, for the 300+ years old union that lasts until today. The that fits this day is anything on both sides of the spectrum of what being an American, or maybe even part of the western culture, means. For good and for bad, depending on what you want to focus on. There are many great things as well as challenges you can create social media content around to this day.

Target audience: Mostly people from the US

Hashtags: #fireworks #USA #happyforth

5th July – National Bikini Day

According to Days of The Year this tradition started in 1946. Seems like people have been loving the lessen of clothing for a long time.

Target audience: People who wear bikinis and…. people who like to watch people that wear bikinis. Doesn’t that cover the entire world basically?

Hashtags: #hibabe #bikinigirl #beachlife

6th – 31st – UEFA Women’s Euro

The UEFA Euro games for men take place once in every 4 years, the next games are planned for 2023. But this year the women’s Euro is at stake which is a wonderful opportunity to empower women around the world not to take anything for granted, not even that football is a game only for boys.

Target audience: Sport fans, but also women who follow content about women empowerment

Hashtag: #euro2022 #womenpower #womensoccer

7th July – World Chocolate Day

Dark, While or Milk (or vegan milk) chocolate, what’s yours? Here are 150 quotes and captions for Instagram about chocolate, I hope you find them sweet.

Target audience: Chocolate resonates with so many things, from lifestyle to cooking to kids to wellness. This day is for everyone.

Hashtags: #choko #chocolateaddict #chocolateday

17th July – World Emoji Day


Target audience: 🌍

Hashtags: #🤟

18th July – National Ice Cream Day

It is the middle of the summer, after all, so it only makes sense that ice cream day is celebrated at this date. Fun fact, we celebrate the ice cream day thank to… President Ronald Reagan! Here is the full story. This is an opportunity to share nice moments with your audience, great memories from your childhood summers, or to ask the to share these with you.

Target audience: I know that there are people who don’t like ice cream but I deny their existence (no offense, in case you’re one of them)

Hashtags: #icecreamday #summervibes #sweetandfun

20th July – National Moon Day

So close, and yet so far. Above us all the moon can have a lot of meaning, from spiritual meaning to scientific meaning. 384,400 KM away this object we’re dependent on in many ways can inspire you, and your followers, to go into interesting discussions.

Target audience: Science enthusiasts on one hand, and spiritual people in the other.

25th July – School Holidays (differs per school)

These aren’t holidays, but it’s good to know that around this time schools in the northern hemisphere, especially in the US, goes on their summer vacation. In other countries the vacations start sometimes earlier and sometimes later.

30th July – Islamic New Year

In many Islamic countries this is the date when the new year is celebrated, you can learn more about it in this FAQ page

Target audience: Muslims around the world

30th July – International Day of Friendship

Similar to the best friends day on June 8th, just in case you want to refer to it again or you missed the date in June.

31st July – National Avocado Day

After so many days dedicated to pastries like doughnuts and waffles, the Avocado day is such a cute and healthier concept. Other than allowing people to dress up like avocados (or better off, dress up their little dogs and cats like ones), this day is a good opportunity to discuss the health benefits of eating well. A great day for wellness and… avocado jokes.

Target audience: Wellness fans, though due to the humoristic sense of this day it can fit very well for funny content accounts

Marketing Calendar for Social Media for August

Marketing Calendar for Social Media for August

Post ideas for August

5th August – International Beer Day

For recommendations see the beer day explanation on June 15, earlier in this article.

8th August – International Cat Day

Good day to spread the awareness about cat adoption, cats wellness in general and… obviously… hilarious cat videos and memes!

Target audience: Even if you don’t love cats, what is the chance you won’t enjoy a hilarious cat video?

Hashtags: #catoftheday #grumpycat #catlovers

9th August – Book Lovers Day

For recommendations see the international book day explanation on April 23, earlier in this article.

11th August – Son and Daughter Day

For recommendations see the global parents day explanation on June 1, earlier in this article.

17th August – National Nonprofit Day

This day is a wonderful opportunity for a positive impact. The discussion about for-profit versus non-profit is important, and relevant, and it is also engaging in conversation and emotions which can impact your growth positively. Here are 5 ways to celebrate this say

Target audience: Impact driven people, everyone eventually has something they care about so in this day it’s about figuring out what resonates with your followers

Hashtags: #makeimpact #ngo #fundraise

19th August – World Photography Day

What a great day for Instagramers, the platform that was built on the culture of photography and image sharing. But in 2022 there is one massive trend that supports photographers and artists which could be an interesting and engaging topic: NFTs. There are many activities you can do around them, from explaining what they are to giveaway an NFT you bought for a cause.

Here is an explanation by the CNN on what is NFT.

Target audience: photographers are a small and specific niche, but this is a great day for art lovers in general. Plus, people that follow content about NFT is a trending and growing audience.

Hashtags: #supportartists #pictureoftheday #photography

21st August – Poet’s Day

Right after photographers day, it only makes sense to pay respect to great poets. To be, or not to be? Here are the 10 most influential poets of all times (according to the writer, not scientifically)

Target audience: poetry and literature lovers, but maybe this is an opportunity to get the poetic side out of your followers with engaging poetic activity?

Hashtags: #shakespeare #supportart #poetry

25th August – National Burger Day

As you hopefully already notices, food seems to be celebrated thoroughly throughout the year. For recommendations for the burger day you’ll have to do your own reserach because unfortunately for burger lovers, I am vegan, so I can at best share with you the FAQ page of Beyond Meat

26th August – National Dog Day

For recommendations see the love your pet day explanation on Feb 28, earlier in this article.

Social Media Content Calendar for September

Social Media Content Calendar for September

Social Media Calendar for September

4th September – Father’s Day in Australia

For recommendations see the father’s day explanation on June 19, earlier in this article.

5th September – Back to School (differs per school)

The dates are a bit different in every country, but around that time kids go back to school. This is an opportunity for you to engage them, and their parents, with reflections on the summer. It’s time for “the best” lists for the summer (best memes, best songs, most amazing events, etc.)

Target audience: Just remember that kids going back to school also means that parents go back to work after summer vacations

Hashtag: #backtoschool #schoolyear #startingcollege

11th September – The 11/9 memorial day

On that day the largest terror attack in history took place, notoriously known for the attack on the twin towers in Manhattan New York. This is not only a day to remember what happened day but also to bring to awareness the war on terror, in case the topic is something that can fit your channel and audience.

Audience: There could be a way for almost any account to relate to these events, even an account on funny dog videos can post something about Salty and Roselle, the two dog casualties of that day.

11th September – National Grandparents Day

They play an important role in our lives, whether its actively by raising us or simply by being the parents of our parents. On this day this important relationship is being celebrated, but more importantly, it is an opportunity to raise awareness of loneliness among elders.

Target audience: From the grandparents themselves to the grandchildren, this is a day to celebrate this special love.

12th September – National Chocolate Milkshake Day

I think that the best information about the history of milkshakes and the reason why they got themselves an entire day is best explained in this article. I just think this is as well as an opportunity to party with an awesome milkshake together with your audience and also an opportunity to talk about healthy consumption of sugar. What alternative low-sugar milkshakes could you recommend, for example?

Target audience: People that follow wellness, lifestyle, and food content. Also interesting communities are the keto or vegan communities that could appreciate being able to celebrate this day with modified recipes

Hashtags: #shakeit #milkshake #milkshakeday

12th September – National Video Games Day

The celebration of the national video games day is not only the time to play something together (maybe a live stream? especially if you’re not a gaming channel this could be a unique twist for your social media content). But also, it’s a great time to discuss the impact of video games on our lives, from the potential educational benefits of gaining skills in using computers and thinking strategically to the damages of addiction to video games.

Here is a list of the top played games in the world and an article on addiction to video gaming

Target audience: Video gamers, but also parents in general or other kind of gaming fans like gamblers who are affected by the same mechanisms of gaming for good and bad.

15th September – 15th October – National Hispanic Heritage Month

These four weeks are an opportunity to support and celebrate with your audience who is part of the Hispanic community. The website SpanishMama suggests activities for teachers for the month, I personally like to think of teachers as content creators therefore you might find interesting activities there for your followers as well.

Target audience: Hispanic Americans are the ideal followers for this content, but not only. The history of the Hispanic community can touch many people in many different ways, read about it to find how it connects to your followers. This is also good content for people who like historical content and inspirational stories.

Hashtags: #spanishhistory #historyfacts #inspiration

16th September – World Guacamole Day

Writing this article took quite some time, and I didn’t notice it but exactly when I got to write about the Guacamole day I was eating… Yes! Guacamole! Which makes sense, look at the avocado consumption trend since 1985, it’s growing nonstop! Anyway, other than baking nachos this day is an opportunity to talk about this trend of the growth of avocado consumption which is driven by health trends.

Target audience: people who follow social media content on wellness, lifestyle and healthy food. Plus, remember that this day happens during the Hispanic heritage month and guacamole’s origin is Mexico (according to Wikipedia) so you can make that connection and make your content far more unique on that day.

Hashtags: #avocado #guac #nachos

17th September – 3rd October – Octoberfest

The Octoberfest is popular mostly for beer, and for recommendations on content related to beer read the beer day recommendations on June 15th. But Octoberfest is also a cultural celebration of the state of Bavaria in Germany, a unique culture that is quite different from the rest of Germany. This means that this event is an opportunity not only for hilarious memes on the German language but also for a discussion on the history of Germany and what changed from 100 years ago until today.

Oh, and beer. Lots of lots of beer.

Target audience: People who follow content on: Traveling, lifestyle, culture and beer!

Hashtags: #chugabeer #germanbeer #octoberfest2022

23rd September – First Day of Autumn

The official date of the beginning of Autumn. Summer is over, winter is coming. Prepare your followers ahead for the days that are going to get shorter and shorter and to the Autumn mood, help them stay positive and they will thank you with engagement and growth.

26th September – European Day of Languages

This day is not about differences but about the connection between people, even though we speak a different language. Accepting others, no matter why they are different from us, here is how to say love in different languages. It’s also a great opportunity to talk about the language of animals with pet owners and remind them, for example, how do dogs speak.

Target audience: This can fit many kinds of audiences, not only Europeans. From funny memes followers with languages related memes to followers of travel and lifestyle content (after all, influencers today tend to travel a lot)

Hashtags: #oneworld #communication #wordoftheday

27th September – World Tourism Day

With the world going in and out of lockdowns and the decrease in flights and traveling, the world tourism day holds a few opportunities. First, to discuss local tourism and the importance of supporting this industry which got hit hard since the pandemic. Second, there are many online tours of museums that you can take from home (maybe together with your followers)

Target audience: People who follow travel and lifestyle content

30th September – Australian Football League, Grand Final

We’re talking here about the highest watched television program in Australia in 2021. It attracts a lot of interest from Australians but it’s also an interesting time to stand on the differences between the AFL and NFL in case you don’t have a big following from Australia but you still want to cover this topic.

Target audience: Australians, but also sport fans around the world. This even probably has also great opportunities to talk about personal and team achievements like any top sport event.

Hashtags: #ausiefootball #winners #finals

Post Ideas for Q4 October – December

Q4 is the busiest selling period of the year, and sales tend to drop when it ends. So for content creators who expect to monetize their accounts by collaborating with brands and products, this is also the best time of the year because when the demand for products goes up so do the marketing budgets of retail companies.

Q4 is also the time when the plans for the next year are being put in place. Looking back at the performance of the past year and setting goals for next year (which is something that you should do as well).

Instagram content calendar for October

instagram content calendar for October

content calendar for October

1st – 31st October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is the most common type of cancer in the world, and all it takes to catch it early is to be aware and start screening at the right age. For more recommendations for social media content for this day see the World Cancer Day explanation on February 4th

Target audience: Women is the most relevant audience because they are the ones who need to get screened eventually. But awareness is something the entire family and community can hold on to by sharing or donating

Hashtags: #stopcancer #breatcancer #cancerawareness

1st – 31st October – Go Sober for October (Stopober)

This day is meant to raise awareness to stop addictions, it is observed by conducting challenges like the stop smoking challenge and by talking about responsible drinking and responsible living in a world where addictions aren’t only drugs but also workaholism, addiction to porn, addiction to gaming, etc.

Target audience: Followers of wellness, self-improvement, lifestyle and many other topics could appreciate your decision to raise awareness of the topic on that day, just fit it to your audience.

Hashtags: #youcandoit #wellness #livewithoutit

1st October – International Coffee Day

This magical drink dates back to 800 A.D (here are many more facts about it) and that’s just a good reason to celebrate it. This is also a good time to talk about the idea of taking a break, coffee represents that and this can have great meaning in a busy world that works 24/7. So how do you take your coffee?

Target audience: People who follow lifestyle content, food and wellness, and even people who are interested in history as you can see from the fact I shared, just find the right coffee related data that fits your followers

Hashtags: #takebreak #drinksomething #caffeineaddict

1st October – World Vegetarian Day

The meatless Monday movement’s goal is to encourage people to consume less meat. Vegetarianism and veganism is a growing trend (which I am personally a part of) together with eating less meat in general and developing a healthier lifestyle. This is a good day to conduct challenges with your followers regarding vegetarian or vegan food and discuss the impact of the meat industry on the environment

Target audience: Followers of lifestyle, wellness, wildlife and animal lovers and obviously vegetarians and vegans.

Hashtags: #eatlessmeat #veganlife #meatlessmonday

2nd October – World Smile Day

For recommendations see the Happiness Day explanation on March 20, earlier in this article.

5th October – World Teacher’s Day

A great activity for this day is to ask your followers to tag someone that has taught them something important. These can be school teachers but not only, we learn new things all the time and the people that put the time and effort into helping us progress deserve a thank you. Also it is interesting to refer to historical events related to humanity’s move into schooling system outside the home on April 23, 1635 when the first public school in America opened.

Target audience: I think that appreciating our teachers brings a sense of nostalgia, looking back at good days. If that is something you want to make your followers feel, this day is relevant for you.

Hashtags: #grateful #education #teacheroftheyear

10th October – Canadian Thanksgiving

I wrote further about thank-giving ideas below on Nov 24, this is just a reminder that in Canada thanksgiving is celebrated on October 10.

16th October – World Food Day

Sounds weird, isn’t it? Celebrating food simply, and not any kind of specific food. Well, think about it – having food constantly on demand is something humanity only reached recently and even that isn’t reached all around the world. The list of famines has no end, yet, and the Food and Agriculture organization of the UN is doing the work of bringing the topic to our awareness.

This is an important day also to discuss other eating related disorders and empower your followers to take care of themselves and seek for help if relevant.

Target audience: Followers of food, wellness, lifestyle and culture content. This isn’t a day for funny memes unless they are meant to bring awareness through criticism.

Hashtags: #feedtheworld #eathealthy

16th October – Bosse’s Day

Just take a look at the infographic here that shows the result of research that concluded that the #1 reason to leave your job is – a bad boss. A nice activity to run with your followers is “tag your boss” that will increase the reach of your posts, but this day is also a good day to make Instagram content on work ethics and share statistics about the recent changes and the world’s move to remote work.

It’s also an opportunity to talk about entrepreneurship and the journey from solopreneur to building a team and becoming a boss.

Target audience: Anyone who’s ever had a boss

Hashtags: #boss #lovemyboss #beyourownboss

22nd October – National Nut Day

Isn’t that just a day to go nuts? So what are the most popular nuts in the world, you must wonder, is it almonds? cashews or maybe peanuts? You’ll find the answer here and you can play this quiz with your followers as well. Nuts are an important part of human nutrition and that’s a day to speak about wellness or to simply… go nuts!

Target audience: Followers of wellness, lifestyle and food content. But the concept of “going nut” can fit any content creator.

Hashtags: #gonuts #wellnesstoday #peanutbutterjelly

25th October – World Pasta Day

These 14 facts about pasta were curated and shared on Buzzfeed, if you want to celebrate this day in any way, you might find something interesting there for your followers. It’s also a day for pasta jokes (yeah, never heard of it too) and for discussing the nutritional aspects of this beloved dish.

Target audience: Followers of food, lifestyle and wellness content. Followers of travel content might enjoy some content about Italy and the pasta culture there. For sci-fi and science fans, the pastapharian church probably celebrates this day with various activities.

Hashtags: #pastaparty #macncheese #pastaphary

26th October – National Pumpkin Day

Since Halloween happens only a few days later, it makes sense that the pumpkin day was dated on October 26. The traditions of this day are pretty straight forward and not surprisingly also related to Halloween.

Target audience: Followers of food-related content would probably react well to this aspect of Halloween, giving the pumpkins the front stage. But for arts and crafts lovers there are also plenty of pumpkin craving ideas you can share with them.

Hashtags: #almosthalloween #loveyourpumpkin #pumpkinsoup

31st October – Halloween

There are tons and tons of content ideas for Halloween that you can turn into engaging and interactive activities with your followers.

Target audience: Halloween is celebrated in many countries around the world, so what is the chance it isn’t relevant for much of your audience?

Content Calendar Plan for November

Content Calendar Plan for November

Calendar Plan for November

1st – 30th November – Movember (Men’s Health Awareness Month)

I shared this list of the most common types of cancers in the world in the explanation about the breast cancer awareness day. You can see that breast cancer is at the top of the list, but right after it is prostate cancer which is most common among men and that requires screening as well.

But this day isn’t there for no reason, men are known for taking less care for themselves, and there goes the opportunity to raise awareness to the matter

Target audience: Men, but also those who care for their men.

Hashtags: #takecaredude #beaman #mensworld

1st November – World Vegan Day

For recommendations see the Vegetarian Day explanation on October 1, earlier in this article.

1st November – Melbourne Cup

The biggest horse racing event of the year, worldwide, attracted 1.2M viewers last year. It’s a great day for sports fans who might be interested in learning about this sport which is a bit less popular than football or basketball. It can also accommodate anything else horse related from unicorns to the history of equestrianism (that’s horseback riding)

Target audience: Followers of sports content, animal lovers, fantasy fans (because of the unicorns) and as you saw even followers of content about history.

5th November – Guy Fawkes Night

Bonfires, fireworks, this day is all about fire. It is a British holiday but the concept of fire can fit almost any audience, in case you feel like talking about passion, environmental aspects of the wildfires that go in recent years or the philosophy behind the burning man festival – this is a great day to do so.

Target audience: If you have followers from the UK, they might be actually celebrating it by lighting up bonfires and fireworks. Otherwise, any relation to the concept of fire that fits your target audience goes

Hashtags: #fire #burning #passion

11th November – Sale 11.11. / Single Day Sales

11.11. is the biggest retail event in the world, bigger than Black Friday. It happens in China and products on Chinese websites go on sales (that’s why dropshippers loves this holiday). Notice the date, only 1s, the day is meant for celebrating being single and you can learn more about it on Wikipedia but I think that it’s such a crazy sales day that no one cares about its traditions of it.

Target audience: Followers of any content related to retail, aka shopping, lifestyle, discounts. I mean just think how many things are made in China and sold on websites like AliExpress and AliBaba, many millions of them are going to go on sale.

Hashtags: #1111 #singlesday #discounts

11th November – Remembrance Day

13th November – Remembrance Sunday

I put these two days together because they are both commemorated in the UK. The first is the official day of the ending of world war I and the second is meant to pay respect to the lives that were lost on these days.

Target audience: People from the UK, and followers of content about history. You can find a lot of inspirational stories to share on these days like these 5 inspirational stories of women in WWI

19th November – International Men’s Day

You can find on the official website for this day ideas for activities and content related to the empowerment of men.

Target audience: Not only men, but families in general. There is the men, his lover the wife and the children – some of them are the men of the future

Hashtags: #menempowerment #manlyfeelings

21st November – Odd Sock Day

United in the fight against bullying the odd-sock day was created to celebrate the uniqueness in each and every one of us. Here are some bullying awareness activities you can use as inspiration for creating engaging content for your followers.

Target audience: Youth might be the target audience for many of the activities themselves but it’s their parents you could reach to make greater impact by helping them learn how to raise awareness in their homes and communities.

Hashtags: #stopbullying #wereallpeople #oneworld

24th November – American Thanksgiving

Celebrated since 1621 in America, the thanksgiving history has many aspects to it that might interest your followers. Moreover, it’s a time when families come together which fits the content about these complex relationships.

Target audience: It is celebrated only in the US.

25th November – Black Friday

This isn’t only the biggest retail festival in the US (second in the world only to the Chinese single’s day) but also an interesting story. It actually started already in 1924 by Macys, as you can see in the infographic here. If you’re selling something online, anything, make sure to prepare ahead with sales offers.

Target audience: I would definitely not exclude people from outside the US for any sales. Plus, Black Friday seems to be celebrated everywhere, I see it every year and I live at a distance of at least 12 hours flight from the nearest US airport.

28th – November – Cyber Monday

For those who missed that discount on Black Friday, a few days later comes Cyber Monday. It was created to encourage people to buy online, meaning that while in brick & mortar shops the big sales took place a few days ago, online the party goes on. Take that in a count because it means that if you sell online you can convert these users that wanted to catch the Black Friday sales but didn’t make the decision on time.

Target audience: Same as Black Friday

Instagram content calendar for December

Instagram content calendar for December

content calendar for December

Writing this makes me feel like eating a cookie, ok wait a second… OK…. Hmm…. I’m back! That was awesome. Get a cookie and go play a cookie trivia with your followers

Target audience: Followers of food, lifestyle and wellness content. And obviously fans of the cookie monster.

12th December – Green Monday

10 days before Christmas is just about the time when people finish their lists of gifts, everything that was not yet planned in November on one hand but that people don’t want to keep for Panic Saturday on the other hand (more on that below).

Target audience: Same as Black Friday and Cyber Monday

14th December – Christmas Jumper Day

This event is a cute fundraiser for the charity Save The Children and opportunities for all of us to make a show with awesomely cute Christmas jumpers.

Target audience: Followers of fashion, good cause, and Christmas content

17th December – Super Saturday/Panic Saturday

Target audience: holiday gift shoppers

So Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Green Monday? These days aren’t for everyone. People storm the stores and you just don’t yet have that list of gifts ready… Even green Monday takes place a whole 10 days before Christmas. Panic Saturday is the shopping day of the procrastinators! Obviously, if you sell online – make sure to give discounts on that day, and of not, it’s a great day to speak about procrastination.

Target audience: Procrastinators, I think that’s about 100% of the world population but I plan to look for the statistics tomorrow.

18th – 26th December – Hanukkah

The Jewish version for Christmas (though there are a few differences). The greeting for that day is “Happy Hanukkah”.

Target audience: Jews around the world

24th – 25th December – Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Here is a list of 100 content ideas for Christmas.

Target audience: Just remember that Christmas isn’t celebrated all over the world, you might have followers from different religions or Christmas-less countries you can expose to the spirit of this wonderful holiday.

26th December – Boxing Day

Historically, Boxing day was celebrated by giving to the poor. Today it is mostly a shopping day (since we didn’t have enough of them). But in the spirit of Christmas, maybe with your followers you can take the time to give to those in need, maybe a fundraise in the spirit of the holiday.

Target audience: Boxing day is celebrated mostly in the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand

26th December – 1st January – Kwanzaa

The annual celebration of the American-African culture which you can learn all about on this Wikipedia page.

Target audience: African Americans and people in the African diaspora might be celebrating this holiday.

31st December – New Year’s Eve

It’s time to conclude the year, and this article as well. The end of the year’s celebration is also a great time to look back at the year 2022 and set goals for the new year.


If you are running a business on Instagram but would like to improve your reels content, here are 20 IG reels ideas for businesses to increase brand awareness, boost revenue, and promote exposure on the platform.

Final Lines

There was a lot of hard work put into building this social media content calendar, I hope it brings you to value and helps you generate organic growth by enriching your social media content throughout the year.

If you have found it useful, please consider sharing it with more content creators. If you have ideas for events that we can add to the list or more content ideas for the events listed above, please comment below and contribute to the community..

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